When Is The Best Time For Pregnant Women To Start Exercising?

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When Is The Best Time For Pregnant Women To Start Exercising?

When Is The Best Time For Pregnant Women To Start Exercising?

So the best time for pregnant women to start exercising is right now. Yes, once you have been given the all clear by your health care professional to exercise then right now, starting today, is when you should start planning your weekly workout schedule.

But What If I Didn't Exercise Before Pregnancy?

The same applies. Get approval from your doctor and then set your mindset to improving your health and wellbeing from this point onwards no matter what you did, or didn’t do, before getting pregnant.

Where Do I Start?

This will be your next important question to answer based on your current fitness level. And if you are unsure then I want you to start slowly and build your way up.

My PregActive Mobility classes are designed to be your first workout. If you find these too easy, then move on to one of my yoga, Pilates, strength or express classes.

If classes are not for you, then try get outside for a walk or swim. It starts with just getting moving and being active.

It Starts with Your Mindset!

Being pregnant will be one of the greatest challenges you face in your life. All the new body changes. The fears and worries that start to creep in as you are now responsible for your growing baby.

Before you were pregnant; did you exercise to stay fit, rehab an old injury, to improve your health, build your self-esteem or to lose weight?

Did you enjoy working out but always found that life got too busy to participate in a regular fitness routine?

I'll start next week.

I'll start next month.

I get it!

But now that you are pregnant is the time to start. And being able to workout at home, in privacy is the ideal option. Skip the expensive gym or personal trainer fees. Save money on not worrying about what you're wearing. Save time by not driving to the gym. Mama - Be-gone excuses!

Staying Motivated

The first important point to staying motivated is finding a form of exercise or activity that you enjoy. You will be more likely to stick with an exercise routine if it involves activities you enjoy and fits into your weekly schedule.

3 Important Tips:

1. Try a class.

One main driving factor for someone to stop exercising is that they find it difficult to exercise on their own. And this is why joining a qualified prenatal exercise class at your local studio or working out to one of my online classes in your living room, is a great way to stay motivated.

2. Start small.

For many women, time and money are of concern, especially spending it on ourselves when our mind is focused on buying the essentials for when baby arrives. Please remember that your health and wellbeing is important. What you do will have a direct impact on your growing baby.

By working out at home, you do not need to join a gym or wear expensive workout clothes to get in shape. Just get moving by going out for a walk, doing a quick at-home class, or staying active.

Start with 20 minutes of exercise if that's where you are at with your fitness level and build up from there.

3. Exercise with a friend or partner.

It is important you build up your support network and a great way to maintain or build new friendships is to walk or workout with someone. Exercise can be more interesting if you use the time to chat with a friend.

At PregActive It Starts with A Positive Mindset!

Starting right now, let's stop any negativity or excuses about starting an exercise plan during pregnancy. Be gone, negative thoughts!

I like to try before I buy. And you should to. So, if you would like to know what type of pregnancy workouts you should be doing then sign-up FREE for 7 days to my online program. I know you will love it, but if it's not for you, then simply cancel and pay nothing.

Exercising During Pregnancy Is Recommended.

Leading obstetricians, physical therapists and midwives advise, based on clinical studies, that you should exercise during pregnancy due to the numerous benefits. But now all exercises are safe, so please become an empowered mother by learning what you can and cannot do.

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Make Sure it is Safe, Simple, And Do-able.

One good habit will lead to another and soon you will be enjoying a healthier pregnancy and when the time comes; a speedier recovery after childbirth.

One Good Habit Going Will Follow Another.

Once you start, your mindset will turn to being a mama in control with a kick-ass positive attitude to being a strong, empowered mama. And the longer you're in that positive mindset - the easier it will be to stay there.

Ready to take that step to enjoying a healthier pregnancy?

Ready to do what you can now to get fit and strong to prepare your body beyond birth for a speedier recovery? Need convenient at-home workouts that have been recommended by Obstetricians and mamas from all around the world?

When Is The Best Time For Pregnant Women To Start Exercising?

Right now! But only after getting your doctor's approval. No matter what you did pre-pregnancy, start now and you will reap the benefits of living a healthier and happier life as a pregnant mama.

Check out my PregActive online prenatal fitness program here. And see how great it feels to treat your body right as you move through each week of your pregnancy!

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