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New 28 Day Pilates Challenge

postpartum exercise Feb 22, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of a NEW 28 Day Pilates Challenge.

Designed specifically for new Mothers, this is the next step after our Core Rehab program. Now giving our Mothers a choice to do either this 28 Day Pilates Challenge or the 28 Day...

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How to Make Exercise after Childbirth a Habit

Exercise after Childbirth

If you want to exercise after childbirth, but are having difficulty staying committed to your weekly postpartum fitness plan, then this post will hopefully help you stay on track.

When you have a habit of exercising then you do...

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Exercise After A C-Section Facts Every Mama Must Know

Exercise After A C-Section

It is important you know how to exercise after a C-section and when you should start. It is also vital you are aware of what activities, movements and sports you can do, and which ones you must avoid.

Before you leave hospital,...

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Are You a Mama on the Move when Pregnant or After Pregnancy?

Are You a Mama on the Move when Pregnant or After Pregnancy?

I want you to know that your health and fitness matters when pregnant. I also want you to know that you need to focus on what 'YOU' can do and not compare yourself to others. So my question to...

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Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge - Which is for You?


Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge?

With the exciting launch of my Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge we now have two postpartum programs ready to help you heal, recover and get fit. So which one is best suited to your current stage of postpartum...

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Core Exercises when Pregnant and After Pregnancy


Core Exercises when Pregnant and After Pregnancy

Over the years teaching prenatal an postpartum fitness classes I have found that most women do not know exactly what their core is. So I want to chat about why you must be doing your core exercises when...

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7 Post Pregnancy Body Changes Impacting Your Ability to Exercise

Post Pregnancy Body Changes

It is very difficult to know which of the following post pregnancy body changes, if any, you will experience after pregnancy. What you need to know is how these changes may impact on your ability to start exercise...

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What Postpartum Exercise Plan is Best for Me?


Postpartum Exercise, Tips and Workouts

When it comes to postpartum exercise you need to break it down into two phases. The first 12 weeks (or more) after childbirth is all about recovery. Then, when ready, you can move into a program that involves more...

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Here's HOW TO Exercise After Childbirth at Home

postpartum exercise Sep 21, 2020

Exercise After Childbirth

I loved teaching my postpartum exercise classes in-studio and getting to chat to all my amazing mamas. Our PregActive community spirit is amazing and our inspiring family are still together. For right now, exercise after...

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