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Hi, I'm Kerryn Boyle. I'm a Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist and the Founder of PregActive. When pregnant, many women feel exhausted, tired and nauseous. Their body is full of aches and pains. They're going through some huge changes and their body feels different.


Exercise is the Key to Good Health

Pregnant know they need to exercise, but they aren't sure which exercises are safe. Women are wanting qualified specialists and if you love health and fitness then this is for you.


Prenatal + Postnatal Exercise Course

There is a huge demand for qualified prenatal and postpartum exercise specialists. Unfortunately, too many trainers lack the formal training required to prescribe prenatal exercise. This is where YOU can create a new career path for yourself AND help women in need.


We Need More Qualified Instructors

I've created this course to help get more qualified trainers into the fitness industry. I'm so excited to give you life-time access to my online Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise course.


  • Currently have or want to train pregnant clients.
  • Have clients who are planning for pregnancy.
  • Want to retain these clients when pregnant.
  • Wish to increase expand into a new market.
  • Want to feel rewarded for helping others.
  • Are a prenatal health professional.
  • Are ready to share in this exciting time.
  • Help mamas re-gain their body confidence.

Affordable and Rewarding

You should not have to pay thousands of dollars to study online when seeking a new career. Our goal is simple - we want to get more trained and qualified prenatal fitness instructors out there. Pregnant mamas deserve this and I am passionate about ensuring we reach more women in need.


Our course is 100% online. Study Anytime. Anywhere. On any device. At your own pace.


Create your own classes, your own hours. There is a high demand for qualified exercise specialists.


PregActive Method is recommended by OB.GYN's, PT's, Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists.

Rewarding Career

You don't need a prior certification to take this course. Start a new career that you enjoy!

Guided, but Flexible

Our online courses are designed for busy people. Studying is up to you and your time availability.


Our courses are affordable. We want you to achieve your career goal without the financial strain.

Get Paid for Something You Love Doing

Start your rewarding new career today with huge opportunities available and help pregnant women and new mamas in need. Empower yourself with the required knowledge you need to train pregnant women and make a living from doing something you enjoy. And earn CEC points!

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Pregnancy Fitness Instructor Course

Thank you! I really got so much out of this course.

"Having participated in other Pre/Post Natal workshops, the level of detail that the PregActive course provided, well and truly surpassed all other workshops. Having done this course during my own pregnancy journey also gave me a much better understanding of the changes that happen in our bodies and how exercise and movement in a safe manner can support mothers-to-be physically and emotionally. Thank you so much for creating this course!" From Ilona

You Will

  1. Attract more customers.
  2. Help women in need.
  3. Grow your business.
  4. Enter this huge market.
  5. Expand your professional abilities.
  6. Become PregActive qualified!

Work In

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Corporate health.
  3. Private studios.
  4. Private health clinics.
  5. At the client's home.
  6. Yoga & Pilates studios.

Develop Skills In

  1. Screening of clients.
  2. Identifying exercises to avoid.
  3. Strength training exercises.
  4. Pregnancy physiological changes.
  5. Prenatal exercise recommendations.
  6. Prescribing Prenatal exercises.
PregActive Pregnancy Instructor Course Review

PregActive's Pregnancy Exercise Course was the Number ONE Option!

When deciding to up skill and pursue my passion of working in women's fitness and health, there was no question PregActive's Prenatal Exercise Course was the number one option. Affordable and accessible, easy to follow and understand - I've honestly not enjoyed myself more when studying.


Kerryn has provided a unique learning experience and is on hand to answer any questions - no questions are silly! I would recommend PregActive any day of the week. My only complaint is that Kerryn hasn't developed more courses and if she did, I'd be the first to sign up. Jessica P.


Study Anywhere

We know how busy life gets. Family, work and personal commitments make it difficult to study again. This is why we have created our prenatal fitness certification online. It's easy to follow, guided and is designed to take the stress and anxiety out of learning.


Study Anytime

I love teaching my prenatal exercises classes and I want to help you achieve the same personal satisfaction in knowing that what you do is really making a difference to someone's life.

Designed for Learning

Our online course is easy to follow, structured and is designed to take the stress and anxiety out of learning. There are 11 progressive course modules that contain over 190+ lessons. Along the way we cover over 100 prenatal health and fitness topics as you make your way to completing your Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Course.


The No Stress Course

To complete your course you need to pass your final quiz. But don't worry! We believe in teaching and strive to take the anxiety out of learning.

How to Use this Course


What to Know


Preparing Clients for Birth


Training Women in 1st Trimester



These are just some of the 200+ lessons and topics covered in this course. You will learn about all required aspects of prenatal fitness and exercises as you help mamas to also get fit for birth.


  • Online course you can do at-home.
  • 11 course modules.
  • 200+ lessons.
  • Guided, progressive course design.
  • 40+ training videos.
  • Over 100 prenatal topics covered.
  • Major postpartum topics covered.
  • Pregnancy workout library.
  • Postpartum workout library.
  • CEC points
  • Prenatal Postnatal Exercise Course.
ONLY $750 - Start Today!

When you choose PregActive you will get the most comprehensive and evidence-based prenatal and postnatal exercise course!

Module 1
Course Introduction

Course Outline

Objectives + Expectations

How you will benefit

Understanding the female body

Core Activation

Trimester specific training

Module 2
Pre-Exercise Screening

Diastasis recti

Pelvic girdle pain

Wrist pain

Round ligament pain

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Back pain

Module 3
Prenatal Exercise Precautions

Exercise guidelines

Recommended exercises

Exercises to avoid

When to stop exercising

Client cases

Sports / Activities to avoid

Module 4
Prenatal Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription

Technique and cueing

Equipment overview

Exercise guidelines

Functional prenatal training

Research and exercise

Module 5
Preparation for Labor

Birth preparation

Physically preparing for labor

Postnatal recovery preparation

Active birth / optimal positions

Breathing techniques for labor

Client cases

Module 6
Understanding Your Clients

Common client questions

Prenatal health issues


Gestational Diabetes


Many more!

Module 7
Postpartum Exercise Screening

Understanding client

Screening and referral

Postpartum Demands

What to expect

Doctor's check

Video - Kerryn

Module 8
Common Postpartum Ailments


Pelvic floor dysfunction


Wrist injuries

Tight shoulders

General health

Module 9
Postpartum Exercise Precautions

Activities to avoid

First 6 weeks postpartum

C-section reocovery

Vaginal heaviness



Module 10
Postpartum Exercise Programming

Core foundations

Postpartum timeline

Exercise modifications

Strength training

Exercise to avoid


Module 11
  • Course assessment
  • Course conclusion
  • What's next?
  • Opportunities
  • Certification
  • Video - Kerryn
And So Much More!
  • Access to prenatal workouts
  • Access to postpartum workouts
  • Workout videos
  • Workouts for each trimester
  • Guided yoga workouts
  • Guided Piltes workouts

Our Mission

To empower health, fitness and wellbeing professionals with the knowledge and skills required to become qualified pregnancy exercise specialists. We're not just leaders in continuing education, we inspire with innovation!


Frequently Asked Questions

More Q&A

1. How do I become a prenatal teacher?

2. What does a prenatal fitness instructor do?

3. Can a PT train a pregnant woman?

4. How do I get certified in prenatal yoga?

5. Can I teach yoga without certification?

6. Is prenatal yoga instructor a good career?

What makes this course different?

Our PregActive Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Course was created specifically by industry health and fitness professionals who work with pregnant and postpartum women. Since 2015 PregActive has been the global leader in helping pregnant women enjoy a happier and healthier pregnancy.


More than Just Exercise

Our course goes well beyond exercise and provides you with the required information you must have to safely train your clients, including common pregnancy conditions, pelvic organ prolapse, respiratory and cardiovascular changes, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain and lower back. ​


Discover the PregActive Method

You will learn the PregActive Method to ensure you will be able to safely and expertly train women at every stage of pregnancy and after delivery. ​

Completing this course in Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise from PregActive gives you instant recognition as being educated by the most trusted continuing education provider in prenatal and postpartum health and fitness.


It's for YOU!

So whether you are fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga or Pilates teacher, nutritionist, physiotherapist, physical therapist, a medical practitioner or a mama; our course will take your knowledge, training and skills to the next level.

See why industry professionals consider PregActive the gold standard for training prenatal and postnatal women.


"When deciding to up skill and pursue my passion of working in women's fitness and health, there was no question PregActive's Prenatal Exercise Course was the number one option."


"I highly recommend PregActive's Prenatal Exercise Course. The teachings were provided by specialists who are really passionate and knowledgeable in all apsects of pregnancy."


"The course gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to teach and educate pregnant women and mothers how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy and beyond."

Here's Why Mamas Love The PregActive Method


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Every day we empower mamas to enjoy happier, healthier, pregnancies. Join us and start a career in helping women that you will love.

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