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Hey there, I'm Kerryn.

I've been there! You're busy, time poor, yet you know that your health is important. No longer do you need to fight for gym equipment. Now, you can exercise in the privacy of your own home with my convenient workouts.

I have your complete pregnancy fitness plan + expert-led education programs right here for you. Allow me to personally guide you week by week through your pregnancy.

Kerryn Boyle PregActive Instructor

The More You Learn The Less You Fear When Pregnant

When you join Studio PregActive, you will gain complete access to the biggest online library of prenatal and postpartum resources designed to ensure you have a positive, fit and empowered pregnancy and motherhood.

Prenatal Fitness Plan
Fitness Classes

Choose from a wide variety of fitness classes including; Pilates, yoga, strength, HIIT, Meditation, pelvic floor, relaxation, stretching, mobility, core, body weight and prenatal cardio.

Online Workouts
Guided Programs

Enjoy working out at home with our expertly designed prenatal workouts and specific health programs to guide you through each stage of your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Pelvic Floor Specialists

Our team of prenatal fitness experts and Physiotherapists have created exercises and programs to help you prevent and address common pelvic floor issues during pregnancy and postpartum.

Pregnancy APP for all Moms
Any Device

Access Studio PregActive on your favorite mobile devices including: iPhone, Android as well as your TV, laptop and more.

Prenatal Nutrition tips and advice
Medically Recommended

Since 2015 PregActive has been recommended by OBGYNs, midwives, doctors, doulas, nurses, physical therapists, and mamas worldwide.

Get health tips for each trimester
So Much More...

Get complete and unlimited access to all programs including: pregnancy, pelvic floor rehab, childbirth education, postpartum recovery and more.

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Discover Our Pregnancy Programs

1st Trimester Exercises
2nd Trimester Exercises
Third Tri Prenatal Exercises
1st trimester fatigue relief program
Prenatal Nutrition Tips
14 day Pelvic Girdle Pain Program
5 day tight pelvic floor relax program
10 Day Pelvic Pain relief program
4 day pelvic organ prolapse program
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Commit to Your Empowered Motherhood!

I will help you get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, and provide you with convenient at-home workout plans. Not only do I have two beautiful boys of my own, I’ve helped thousands of mamas through this journey of pregnancy and motherhood. And I’m here to help you!

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Prenatal Health & Fitness Programs

prenatal week by week fitness plan
pelvic floor exercises
strength workouts for pregnant women
diastasis recti prevention
pregacvtive Pilates workouts online
pregnancy exercise tips
prenatal yogh workouts
stretches for pregnant women
30 minute pregnancy workouts and classes

Your Fitness on Your Time

Sometimes you just need convenient at-home workouts that are guided, fun, challenging, safe and give you peace of mind in not having to think about what kind of exercises you should be doing.

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Pregnancy Fitness Instructor Course CEC Points

Bonus 1: Prenatal Health

  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Prenatal stretching classes
  • Relaxation + meditation classes
  • Expert podcasts
  • Preparing for motherhood tips
  • Nutrition
  • Labor and delivery tips
  • Childbirth education

Bonus 2: Postpartum Health

  • Enjoy a strong core
  • Learn to ease labor pain
  • Experience more energy
  • Re-gain body confidence
  • Reduce back pain
  • Prevent unwanted leakage
  • Speedier postpartum recovery
  • Core Rehab for mamas
  • Stronger mama challenge

It's About Your Health and Happiness!

PregActive is all about prevention. We strive to empower you with the proven evidence-based tools, techniques and knowledge you need and deserve to enjoy a more empowered pregnancy.

We support you, as you are today, as you embark on your own personal journey to becoming a stronger mama ready to take on motherhood with a healthy and positive outlook to becoming the strongest version of YOU!

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Our Guarantee for joining

One Subscription is All you Need

Included in your membership is unlimited access to ALL programs. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing by providing you with the qualified and required information you need to stay fit, strong and healthy. Our mission is to look after you!

Why PregActive is For You

  1. Empowered healthy pregnancy
  2. Safe pregnancy workouts
  3. Build a strong pelvic floor
  4. Prevent pregnancy related injures
  5. On-Demand workouts at home
  6. Maintain a strong body
  7. Quicker healing postpartum
  8. Learn more, fear less!

Injury Doesn’t Have To Happen

Experiencing incontinence and diastasis recti after pregnancy is quite common and PregActive can help you reverse and heal it the right way! We will help you to trust in your body again to function the way you want it to.

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