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Childbirth Preparation Course Review Jeyda

"I Was So Anxious and Scared of Birth"

I was so close to just electing a c-section. I’m so grateful I didn’t because I discovered PregActive. Kerryn taught me so much that I felt informed and more at ease. Meeting my baby boy was incredible!  ~ Jeyda.

Review by Valerie

"I Owe a lot to Kerryn"

What I loved more than anything was that Kerryn was relatable in each video. I did in fact have a natural unmedicated labor, and I honestly feel I owe a lot of my experience to PregActive and Kerryn. ~ Valerie.

Review by Claudia

"The Best Birth Preparation"

I remember Kerryn saying to us, imagine the contractions as waves; it will come, don't fight against it, soon it will go. It helped me so much. Thank you Kerryn your course was the best Birth Preparation I could ask for! ~ Claudia

All The Tools You Need To Own Your Birth

Mama, let me tell you the truth. The more you know, the less you will worry about the unknown. Replacing the 'unknown' with the tools and tips I am about to teach you to trust in yourself and discover that you are physically and mentally built for birth.



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No More Childbirth Anxiety

Replacing the 'unknown' with the tools and tips I am about to teach you to trust in yourself and discover that you are physically and mentally built for birth.

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Ease Your Mind and Prepare Your Body for Birth.

I know what you're going through. I've experienced the fears, challenges and uncertainty of giving birth. I want you to know that being empowered with the best birthing positions, breathing techniques and preparation will alleviate many of your fears.

You can enjoy a more empowering childbirth, I’ll show you how

We Have a Wealth of Knowledge to Share with YOU!

Your birth experience will be different from other women. It will be strongly influenced by your birthing environment, background, core beliefs, your own personal story and each and every decision you make.

You Deserve to Feel Safe Throughout Childbirth!

I will prepare you for this life changing event and ensure you focus on YOUR health and wellbeing while your medical team focuses on your baby's health during delivery.

After completing my course you will feel more confident in your birth choices. You will be empowered with all the tools, tips and techniques you require to enjoy your birth experience.

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I will provide with the tools, tips, techniques to help you rest, relax, and reduce the stress you are experiencing. You are about to prepare for labor, childbirth and delivery in a whole new way. Ease labor pain, prevent injuries and enjoy a more empowering childbirth.

What to Expect in Childbirth

What to Expect

Feel at ease at you become informed and prepared for labor.

Childbirth Breathing Techniques

Birth Breathing

Equip yourself with Birth Breathing techniques for every stage of labor.

Baby Position in Labor

Optimise Baby Position

Learn how you can optimise baby position optimally.

How to push baby out during labor

Push Preparation

Reduce your risk of tearing using our Push Preparation method.

How to cope with labor pain

Pain Coping Strategies

Better understand how top optimise natural pain management techniques.

How to overcome fear of labor

Overcome Fear of Birth

Scared of Birth? We will you walk into birth confident and ready.

Best Childbirth Positions

Birthing Positions

Help progress your labor with these top birthing positions.

Birth Ball Exercises

Birth Ball Exercises

In pregnancy and in Birth these Birth Ball Exercises can help ease hip and back ache.

Childbirth Relaxation Skills

Stay Calm and Relaxed

With these calming skills, drop back into the relaxation state quickly and easily mid-labor.

Hello, I'm Kerryn.

I am the Founder of PregActive and mother of two beautiful boys. With over 15 years experience helping Mamas like you prepare for birth, I’ve got your back. I want to share with you the techniques to prepare you for your biggest life-changing experience - childbirth!

Not only do I provide you with my functional  workouts; my team of prenatal health experts also talk about the fears, pressure, anxiety and all the overwhelming thoughts that are creeping into your mind about birth.

I have witnessed many PregActive mamas learn how to enjoy the incredible power of their birthing bodies and make informed decisions that have helped them to positively impact the outcome of their births.

Kerryn Boyle Childbirth Expert

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Course Categories


Introduction to Birth.

Module One is where we cover the overview of birth and start introducing you to concepts to help you through this journey.


What You Need to Know.

In Module two we cover "what you need to know" in basic language to you can better grasp the upcoming modules.


Birth Breathing Techniques.

Learn to breather for birth here in Module 3 as we talk and practice through all the different techniques for different stages of labor.


Yoga and Movement for Birth.

Learn Yoga and Movement for Birth here in Module 4, and then practice, practice, practice.


Partner / Birth Support Person.

This entire module is dedicated to the Birth Partner / Birth Support person. Ideal for the birthing Mama to watch it along side them too.


Post-birth Recovery

Module 6 - Post-Birth recovery summarizes some important post-birth points you need to consider to help those early days and weeks postpartum easier.


Birth Stories.

Module 7 is filled with beautiful, positive birth stories from our PregActive Mamas.


Visualisation Audios.

Relax and prepare for your birth with these beautiful visualisations and meditations here in Module 8



Module 9 - Childbirth Resources. Find helpful resources here in Module 9.


Bonus Resources.

Module 10 - Bonus Resources. All the bonus resources are listed here in Module 10.

Course Review Shannon

Healing Birth Experience

I am very grateful for how Kerryn and her PregActive program supports Mamas in being healthy and strong for birth. I really enjoyed doing my exercise each day and had a beautiful, healing birth of my third baby. Thank you so much Kerryn! ~ Shannon

Review by Susan

Quick, Incredible Birth

I wanted to thank you so much for the PregActive online classes you made available. They really helped with labor for me as well as the breathing exercises! My labor lasted 8 hours and I pushed this little girl out in less than 10 minutes! ~ Susan

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