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All you need to do is to follow my step-by-step program which includes workouts, education videos, podcasts, articles and bonus content to heal diastasis recti, strengthen your core and stop leakage.

My program is designed to help heal your body after pregnancy, prevent incontinence, heal pregnancy related injuries. And you will receive expert advice for motherhood along with a guided apostpartum fitness plan, exercises and workouts.

Kerryn Boyle PregActive

Hey there, I'm Kerryn.

I love being a mother with my own two beautiful boys as well as caring for the health and wellbeing of all the mamas in our inspiring and supportive PregActive community. I am here to look after you!

Being a New Mama is Exhausting

You're busy and time poor as you look after your beautiful new baby. But I want you to know that your health and wellbeing is also very important. Not only to you but also your baby. You need the strength, energy and positive mindset to keep up with your daily challenges.

To do this, you need a health, wellbeing and fitness program that has been proven to work for thousands of mamas just like you. And yes, you can exercise in the privacy of your own home.

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Postpartum Pilates Workouts for Moms
Yoga Workouts for Moms
Stronger Mama Workouts

Medically Recommended Workouts for Mamas

Sometimes you just need convenient at-home postpartum workouts that are guided, fun, challenging, safe and give you peace of mind in not having to think about what kind of workout you should be doing.

PregActive Review by Karen

"I love PregActive."

"Being able to do workouts at home after the birth of my 3rd baby was amazing, finding time to get out to the gym would've been impossible." Karen

PregActive Review by Caroline

"I am So Happy."

"The pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal toning helped me so much in my postpartum recovery." Caroline

Enjoy Convenient, At-Home Postpartum Workouts.

As soon as you start your recovery after childbirth you will start with my Core Rehab program that is designed to help you gently re-gain your body confidence. Then you can progress at your own pace through my recovery programs.


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Motherhood throws up new challenges at you each and every day. If you're not in the mood for a workout then select one of our education courses to ensure you enjoy a more empowered motherhood.

Postpartum Workouts Online

Your body is constantly changing as it heals after pregnancy and childbirth. Get unlimited access to my customized health and fitness programs designed just for mamas!

I'm with you each day.

With our APP you will feel like you have me right there with you each day. It works. It has worked for thousands of our PregActive mamas. You will get the most comprehensive Core Rehab course online.


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I will help you re-gain your confidence as you heal pregnancy-related injuries. I am right there with you each workout along with thousands of mamas worldwide to give you the postpartum exercises, workouts and online classes you deserve!


Here’s what you’re missing…

Core Rehab Program for New Mamas

Trust your body again. Feel good again and reclaim your confidence with exercises and core workouts for mamas. Help your body recover with core exercises and strength workouts to tone you up and have you back in shape. Your Health Matters! Laugh and sneeze with confidence - leakage free, by caring for your pelvic floor. Abdominal separation after pregnancy - it's a thing. Let me help you!

Postpartum recovery program you can do at home

Enjoy a More Comfortable Postpartum Recovery

Heal + Re-strengthen. During this time you need to strengthen your core as you heal your abdominal separation, increase your overall body strength, reduce pelvic floor problems, prevent back and pelvic pain as you re-gain your body confidence.

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Kerryns body transformation after pregnancy

This is Me at 39 Weeks Pregnant.

Then a few days after I had my baby. And then again at 5 months postpartum. In five months I had fully recovered my pelvic floor and healed my diastasis recti (abdominal separation). I now have such confidence in my body with a strong core when I move - and importantly when I play with my baby boy.

Moms Community and Forum

Our community is a place to support one another, ask questions, share tips and be there to help out. Workouts you will love on our Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise APP.

Postpartum Fitness APP you can get on Apple and Google

The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

This allows you to workout at home, at the park, outside; anywhere, anytime! It is like having me as your personal trainer right there with you encourgaing you each step of the way as you work out with me.

How to Lose Baby Weight guide

Lose Baby Weight

Get a stronger body than what you had before pregnancy. Join PregActive mamas just like you who have changed their lives for the better! It all starts by signing-up and making a commitment to the 28 day challenge.

Studio PregActive Review by Gabi

"Thank you!"

"I found the challenges to be the perfect balance between hard and helpful. I feel so much stronger and my body is so much more mobile now. Your calm and soothing voice makes those hard exercises that much more bearable. Absolutely loved it, thank you!" Gabi


Studio PregActive Review by Tracey

"Truly Amazing!"

"I felt so strong in my pregnancy and also after childbirth. The support and the honest stories on the community page were also excellent, and it felt wonderful to be part of Kerryn’s PregActive community, thank you!." Tracey

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