Core Rehab for Mamas


Proven Core Exercises after Birth to Heal Diastasis Recti

Heal Diastasis Recti After Pregnancy

It all starts by signing-up and making a commitment to taking control of your health and wellbeing. Then, all you need to do is to follow my step-by-step program which includes workouts, education videos, podcasts, articles and bonus content to heal diastasis recti, strengthen your core and stop leakage. As you enter level three you will feel and see results as you gain strength, confidence, and look the way you want to look!


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PregActive is where fit and healthy mamas belong. When you find the place that feels right, it makes all the difference. And we're confident PregActive will help you become a healthier, happier you.

Got that unwanted post-baby tummy? Not feeling confident or sexy? Want to get back in shape and have some 'me time'? Need to heal abdominal separation? I'm here to help you.

Recover + Heal

  • Diastasis recti (ab separation)
  • Incontinence (peeing your pants)
  • Back, sciatica, or neck pain
  • Pregnancy related injures
  • Post-baby belly
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
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Hey there, I'm Kerryn.

Your body has gone through a lot - it's brought new life into the world. The after effects of which, may have left you a little wobbly in some bits and soft in others. I'm here to help you tone up, firm up, repair abdominal separation, stop embarrassing leakage, and reclaim your body confidence!

Core Rehab Program for Mamas

Core Exercises that Deliver Results!

Below is a photo is me at 39 weeks pregnant. Then a few days after I had my baby. And then again at 5 months postpartum. In five months I had fully recovered my pelvic floor and healed my diastasis recti (abdominal separation). I now have such confidence in my body with a strong core when I move - and importantly when I play with my baby boy.

My body transformation after pregnancy

How I Will Help You

Naturally Heal Diastasis Recti after Childbirth

Learn to Trust in Your Body Again!

Feel good again and reclaim your confidence with exercises and core workouts for mamas. Help your body recover with core exercises and strength workouts to tone you up and have you back in shape. Laugh and sneeze with confidence - leakage free, by caring for your pelvic floor. Abdominal separation after pregnancy - it's a thing. Let me help you!

Enjoy a More Comfortable Postpartum Recovery

During this time you need to strengthen your core as you heal your abdominal separation, increase your overall body strength, reduce pelvic floor problems, prevent back and pelvic pain as you re-gain your body confidence.

Medically Recommended and Endorsed

PregActive is recommended by physical therapists, OB.GYNs and allied health professionals. We have helped mamas gain confidence in how their body looks, works, and feels. Your abs muscle separates along with connective tissue and this needs to be healed post childbirth.

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My Core Rehab program consists of 12 modules divided into three progressive levels.
Core Studio - Lose Baby Weight with My Core Rehab Studio
Gain confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels
Do you have diastasis recti,  still look pregnant,  leak when you sneeze?

Step by step guided program.

What sets PregActive apart from all other programs is that we provide you with a customised exercise, mindset and wellness program to help you re-gain trust in your body again to function how you want it to. Get everything you need to enjoy a fit, healthy and strong body delivered to you in one perfectly convenient membership.

Get Postpartum Workouts At Home

There's no need to go to the gym.

With a new baby by your side, you'll be short of time, short of sleep and dare we say it, short of patience. With my online program you can workout from the comfort of your own home. Quick, 20 minute, achievable, postpartum workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

ONLY Get Safe Postpartum Exercises

Support and Accountability

At the start, you're inundated with offers of help, before long, the meals stop coming, the washing starts piling up and your partner goes back to work. The PregActive community is a hub of activity where women can interact, chat and have their questions answered. Your circle of support is just a click away.

Moms with babies


My workouts create a balance in your pelvic floor and core that will continue to support you for life. I will give you the valuable tools you deserve to help you naturally heal dysfunctional diastasis recti, prolapse, pelvic floor incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries.

Fit mom working out with baby


Feel empowered after childbirth as I deliver safe but challenging core workouts to strengthen your abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) so you can feel strong again after pregnancy. I am here for you as your very own personal trainer to provide you with postpartum workouts to help you recover, heal and re-strengthen.

Strengthen your core, back and pelvic floor. Heal abdominal separation after childbirth.

Real Women. Real Results.

My online program is realistic, challenging, and has delivered results for women just like you!


I love PregActive's online post pregnancy program. Being able to do workouts at home after the birth of my 3rd baby was amazing, finding time to get out to the gym would've been impossible.


I do the PregActive online classes because they're convenient, easy to follow and really enjoyable - they're actually a lot better than I expected. Kerryn is very engaging and the workouts are just right!


I am so happy I found the PregActive workouts. The pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal toning are now helping me recover in the postnatal period.


Why PregActive is For You:

  • Enjoy sex without pain
  • No more leakage
  • Increased body confidence
  • More pelvic floor control
  • Start to lose weight
  • Workout at home!
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The Proven Core Workout for Moms

My core workouts allow you to fit your workouts around your kids, work and family life. As well as being your at-home personal trainer; I will teach you all you need to know about your rectus abdominus, abdominal muscles, connective tissue, and most importantly how to heal abdominal separation after pregnancy.


Since starting the program I've noticed such a huge change in how I feel, my attitude to life - my productivity... from allocating just 20 minutes a day to myself! I couldn't recommend the program more highly!


PregActive also has a focus on pelvic floor exercises, which I believe is the reason why I don't have incontinence issues! The core exercises and workouts are there to help heal diastasis recti naturally.


PregActive has really exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about the body along with learning a range of gentle exercises that have helped me to increase core strength and flexibility. Thanks Kerryn! 

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