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I will help you get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, and provide you with convenient at-home prenatal workouts. As a mama, my Core Rehab program + Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge will help you recover after childbirth and re-gain your fitness, body confidence and lose baby weight.

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Sometimes you just need convenient at-home workouts that are guided, fun, challenging, safe and give you peace of mind in not having to think about what kind of workout you should be doing. Join over 200,000 women who have viewed and worked out to my online workouts.

Kerryn Boyle Prenatal Fitness Specialist

Hey there, I'm Kerryn

I'm a proud mama and a prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist. I love being a mother, caring for others and the beauty of being pregnant. I am here to look after you! I've been there: you're busy, time poor, yet you know that your own health is important. That's why I have designed a guided, realistic and achievable program to help you enjoy a more empowering pregnancy and to re-regain your body confidence after childbirth.

Pregnancy + Postpartum Workouts


PregActive's workouts only include evidence-based exercises to empower you through every stage of motherhood from planning pregnancy, pregnancy to your postpartum recovery. Your personalized PregActive fitness studio is available on any device, including my APP, 24/7. Gain immediate access to a wide variety of fun, but challenging workouts you can do in the privacy of your home.


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  • Pelvic girdle pain exercises
  • Interviews with Physiotherapist
  • Best birth positions video
  • Best birth ball exercises video
  • Pelvic floor early postpartum tips
  • Pelvic floor exercises for mamas
  • 3 Postpartum workout videos
  • Diastasis recti educational videos
  • Pelvic organ prolapse video
  • And So Much More!

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Why PregActive is for You!

  • Strong core and pelvic floor
  • Quicker healing post birth
  • Reduce risk of aches and pains
  • Prevent pregnancy related injuries
  • Empowered birth experience
  • Be fit, strong and healthy
  • Fit for Motherhood. For life.
ONLY $7 a week

Planning for Pregnancy

Get Fit + Strong for Pregnancy Starting Today

If you are planning to get pregnant, you should aim to give yourself the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby. What you do now, when planning for pregnancy, will determine how quickly you get pregnant as well as having a major impact on your pregnancy experience. Being 'pregnancy fit' will help you to enjoy a more empowering pregnancy and to experience a speedier recovery after childbirth.

Learn More About Planning for Pregnancy

From Planning Pregnancy to Being Pregnant

Prenatal Fitness Programs

Get Pregnancy Workouts that are Safe for You AND Baby

PregActive delivers a guided, week-by-week pregnancy fitness plan to ensure you are looking after your health and wellbeing and also that of your growing baby! Gain access to the best prenatal Pilates, yoga, core, strength, stretch, and FITPLUS workouts all online! My workouts will help prevent common pregnancy injuries while preparing your body for childbirth.

Learn More About Prenatal Fitness

From Pregnancy to Postpartum

Postpartum Training Programs

Designed To Help You Heal after Childbirth

I will help you re-gain your confidence as you heal pregnancy-related injuries. I am right there with you each workout along with thousands of mamas worldwide to give you the postpartum exercises, workouts and online classes you deserve! With our community of PregActive mamas, you won't be alone as you become that strong mama you want to be.

Learn More About Postpartum Fitness


PregActive is more than just providing you with exercises, classes and workouts. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing by providing you with the qualified and required information you need to stay fit, strong and healthy. Our mission is to look after You, the mother!

Support for Moms


To go on this journey you need support from our PregActive team. Ask questions and find support from our inspiring group of mamas.

Prenatal Workouts on Mobile

Any Device

Access Studio PregActive on your favorite mobile devices including: iPhone, Android as well as your TV, laptop and more.

Mama Meditations for Every Trimester

Mama Meditations

You need to enjoy some down time and this is where my mama meditations help you find a little calm in your day to mentally refresh.

It's Time to Bloom Mama with PregActive!


Access podcasts, tips, recipes and information from our PregActive nutritionist to ensure you are getting all your required prenatal nutrients.

Heal Pregnancy Injuries with My Online Workouts


PregActive is for mamas with special circumstances. Our guided training programs are designed for healing pregnancy-related injuries.

Pregnancy Mobility Exercise Classes


My mobility and stretching classes have been created to give you support and deliver relief to your pregnant or postpartum body.

The Best Pregnancy Fitness APP for Mamas

Your Workouts Go Where You Go

No matter where you are - at home, on holiday, or in the office; you can immediately access all your PregActive workouts, exercises, and programs. Our Pregnancy and Postpartum Workout APP is convenient and our mamas love it!

"I Absolutely Love the Online PregActive Program."

Rebecca Black - Psychologist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner

As a psychologist, I know how effective exercise is for improving mood. Since starting the program I've noticed such a huge change in how I feel, my attitude to life and my productivity!

PregActive Reviews

Here's How it Works.


01 It's Easy to Join.

Simply sign-up and create your account. Then you will receive an Email with your login details. You can then immediately login to your member-only area and gain complete access to your entire planning + pregnancy + postpartum programs.


02 Consistency is Vital

I get it, you're busy. That's why I have a guided, but flexible, program to suit your busy schedule. I want you to be ready to shift your current mindset around prenatal and postpartum exercise and commit to The PregActive Method. You will experience the results you want that will last a lifetime.


03 PregActive Foundations

I know you're ready to get started with your first workout. But I want you to start with our Foundation Classes as they are the road-map to your long-term success. These educational videos will set you up to better connect with your body and inspire you to be a fit and strong mama.


04 Guided, but Flexible

You are in control. I provide you with guided workouts specific to your week of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. But if you would like to choose your own class, style and intensity level; then you can select any class from our workout library you'd like for that day.

150+ On-Demand Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Classes


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Prenatal Fitness Workouts