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If you are planning to get pregnant, you should aim to give yourself the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Hey there, I'm Kerryn.

Right now, your health and wellbeing matters as you focus your efforts on getting pregnant and physically preparing your body for pregnancy. The whole thing can be equally exciting as it is scary. There's so much to do before you get pregnant - and looking after yourself should be at the top of the list!

Safe AT Home Planning for Pregnancy Workouts

Enjoy Safe At Home Workouts

When it comes to getting pregnant, there's so much information out there it can be hard to know what to do and what not to do - it's overwhelming, I get it.

Knowing where to start on your health and fitness journey can be tough as you prepare for pregnancy. Your goal is to start physically getting your body ready 'Now' so that you can enjoy a healthier and more empowering pregnancy.

You just want all this stuff to be easy to understand. That's why I've created PregActive with you in mind - to give you pregnancy specific safe workouts to ensure you start your pregnancy in optimum health.

Why PregActive is for You!

  • Increase chances of getting pregnant.
  • Empowered birth experience
  • Be fit, strong and healthy
  • Reduced risk of aches & pains
  • Prevent pregnancy related injures
  • Strong core and pelvic floor
  • Quicker healing post birth
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Planning for pregnancy means looking after you!

What you do now, when planning for pregnancy, will determine how quickly you get pregnant as well as having a major impact on your pregnancy experience. This is how being 'pregnancy fit' helped me to enjoy a more empowering pregnancy and to experience a speedier recovery after childbirth. And now I want to help you!

This is how kerryn boyle lost her baby weight after pregnancy
Tips for Getting Pregnant

Plan for a healthy pregnancy.

My team of Exercise Physiologists and Prenatal Exercise Specialists have specifically created our Planning for Pregnancy program for all women who want to boost their body confidence, achieve a healthy weight, get fit and strong, and physically prepare for pregnancy.

I know how your body changes during pregnancy and the physical challenges you will face. AND this requires a program designed by experienced health care professionals.

Review by Danielle

'I Love PregActive'

It gave me the skills to relieve the stresses of the upcoming birth. PregActive also has a focus on pelvic floor exercises, which I believe is the reason why I don't have incontinence issues! Danielle

Discover and learn everything you need to know about getting pregnant.

You get to choose your preferred exercise class, intensity and duration. And when you get pregnant, you will gain immediate access to all pregnancy workouts that are tailored to where your body is at each trimester.

Calming Fertility Yoga

This gentle flow is a rejuvenation for your mind and body. It can be performed at any stage on your cycle and a beautiful way to tune inwards.

Dynamic Fertility Yoga

This dynamic flow is about moving the body in a way that feels good. Best done when you have some energy and looking for more energy.

Slow Flow Yoga

You will feel like you have performed a yoga workout, but at a steady pace. Perfect for beginners and those more advanced wanting to take a slower pace.

Stretching Workouts

Functional stretching is required when planning for pregnancy and I provide you with the best stretches to help get your body ready for pregnancy.

Strength Workouts

We go deep into your core connection, so depending on where you are at in your menstrual cycle depends on how you go about this.

Meditation + Relaxation

I call it mid-week meditation, but really, you can do it anytime! Just find a quiet place where you can focus on you for 15 minutes.

Getting Pregnant Tips

I will show you exactly what you need to do to get your body ready for pregnancy and how to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Menstrual Cycle

I will provide you with the guidance you need and deserve when it comes to exercise and your menstrual cycle. This is a 'Must Know' for all mamas.

Health Tips

Get your body physically strong for pregnancy, learn what to eat and what not to eat, learn how to maintain a healthy weight.

Get the Best Pre Pregnancy Workouts

PLUS so much more!

  • Getting pregnant tips
  • Boosting female fertility
  • Male fertility tips
  • Optimizing your health 
  • Preparing for motherhood tips
  • Support you need
  • At home workouts


Pregnancy Workouts for Every Week

Online, at-home workouts.

You need more than just a generic gym program when trying to get pregnancy fit. You deserve safe and effective exercises that targets the right areas of your body to ensure you can optimally carry your baby.

Prenatal Workouts for Every Trimester

Fertility focused workouts.

You have access to all workouts in your library on Day 1 as well as a guided fitness program. Choose classes from yoga, relaxation to strength workouts.

Get ready for pregnancy today

Get ready for pregnancy today.

Along with our fitness workouts, you also get bonus content including; female fertility tips, male fertility tips, pre pregnancy health advice and so much more.

Foundations for a Healthy Pregnancy

Easy to follow educational videos

I will teach you valuable tools that prepare you for pregnancy, help you prevent and heal dysfunctional diastasis recti, prolapse, pelvic floor incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries.

Get fit for pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

When you take a sneak peak behind the curtain in our member-only area you will also see that you get complete access to my Pregnancy + Core rehab and Stronger Mama programs. This makes it easy for you to seamlessly transition to a guided prenatal health and fitness program once you are pregnant.


It starts today!

What you do today will influence your pregnancy experience and recovery after childbirth. There are so many factors to consider prior to becoming pregnant to give you the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Your health and wellbeing before conception can affect your baby's health and development. Steps taken prior to conception to optimise your health can have significant long-lasting benefits to you and your baby. A healthy lifestyle is of prime importance.

Is pregnancy exercise good for you?

"I love PregActive"

PregActive's online workouts have been a savior through out my pregnancy! I feel so much more confident going into birth thanks to Kerryn and her amazing team!" Marie-Louise

Are You.....

  • Working out regularly, but not achieving your goals?
  • Wanting specific exercises to prepare for pregnancy?
  • Tired of the same old gym exercise programs?
  • Physically preparing for labour and beyond?
  • Wanting to workout at home?
  • Trying to lose weight but are failing to achieve your goal?
  • Wanting to boost nutrient stores for You and Baby?
  • Very busy and want flexible workouts?

It's About Your Health and Happiness!

PregActive is all about prevention. We strive to empower you with the proven evidence-based tools, techniques and knowledge you need and deserve to help you plan for pregnancy and to then enjoy a more empowered pregnancy. We support you, as you are today, as you embark on your own personal journey to becoming a stronger mama ready to take on motherhood with a healthy and positive outlook to becoming the strongest version of YOU!

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