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Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenges

Lose baby weight and become that strong mama you want to be.



Lose Baby Weight after Pregnancy

Get a stronger body than what you had before pregnancy. Join PregActive mamas just like you who have changed their lives for the better! It all starts by signing-up and making a commitment to the 28 day challenge and joining the PregActive family to get the support and motivation you deserve.


Why Stronger Mama is for You

  • Lose baby weight the right way.
  • Get rid of your belly 'pooch.'
  • Be a fit + strong mama.
  • Feel strong┬á& sexy in your own body.
  • Convenient for busy┬ámamas.
  • Workout anywhere, anytime.
  • Support from our PregActive family.

Hey there, I'm Kerryn.

I'm a proud mama, personal trainer, prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist. I've been there: you're busy, time poor, yet you know that your own health is important. I know what it takes to re-gain your body confidence. My Stronger Mama 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge can help you to increase your fitness, strength and lose weight if that is your goal.

Core Rehab Studio and Program for Mamas

Below is a photo is me at 39 weeks pregnant. Then a few days after I had my baby, and then again at 5 months postpartum.

How Kerryn Boyle Lost Weight after Childbirth

"I loved Kerryn's positive encouragement. I've noticed that Covid and home-schooling have gotten the better of me so it's time to put in so effort for me! My program is printed on the fridge and ticking it off. Time to be a stronger Mama!"


"It has been so amazing and I just love everything this program has to offer. I am so excited to get going with the stronger mama challenge. Thank you Kerryn for being such an incredible human and sharing your knowledge and positivity with us all!"


Get 28 days or workouts

28 Days of Workouts

Each week you will have access to my innovative and challenging workouts. You get to choose your style of workout and sweat while working out with me in the comfort of your own home.

Postpartum Workout APP

Yes, you can workout with my PregActive APP. This allows you to workout at home, at the park, outside; anywhere, anytime! It is like having me as your personal trainer right there with you encourgaing you each step of the way as you work out with me.

Member-only Access

Gain unlimited access to our member-only area where you can join in our community or just participate in our 28 day challenge. My dynamic workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and designed to get results fast.

Workouts You Get Every Week

  • Full Body No Equipment
  • Strength and Tone
  • Booty and Upper Body Burn
  • Core Express
  • Cardio and Sweat
  • Stretch and De-stress
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

For Mamas Who Want to Lose Weight and Get Strong

My Stronger Mama Challenge is about healthy and realistic weight loss. It is not about trying to achieve a 6 pack - but about empowering you to learn about healthy living as a busy mama.

Being a mama is hard work and we all totally get it here at PregActive! And this understanding and empathy shines through in the weekly workouts and program you will get!

Feel Amazing!

Daily at-home workouts made for busy mamas.

Review by Ashlee
"I Absolutely Loved Staying Active."

It helped me so much in my recovery post birth. I love that they are quick, easy to follow, relaxing and you are constantly reminding us what to engage and when to relax. And I can do it at home once the kids are in bed. Ashlee



"Ladies! How about that first day! My legs are burning! Glad I'm doing this challenge! Clearly I need this!"


"I have done a bit of core strength work prior to joining this program but now looking to budge a few kgs that have crept in during iso! Thanks Kerryn for creating such a beautiful community!"


It's about keeping it simple.
How I lost baby weight after my pregnancy

Customized Program

What sets PregActive apart from all other programs is that we provide you with a customised exercise, mindset and wellness program to help you lose weight. Yes, eating a healthy diet is important. But my challenge is all about exercise and keeping it simple.

Kerryn Boyle Yoga Pose

No Need to Go To The Gym

With a new baby by your side, you'll be short of time, short of sleep and dare we say it, short of patience. With my online program you can workout from the comfort of your own home. Achievable workouts that get you sweating with the one goal of getting the results you want.

PregActive Commmunity of Moms

Support from our PregActive Team

The reason why we have been so successful is because our PregActive team and family are here to support and motivate you every step of the way. I want you to be a strong mama for life!


Than you So Much Kerryn!

"I have also recently done some of the core rehab program and LOVED IT (in preparation for this challenge), which I am also loving just as much! I'm not big on motivating myself to exercise but I am finding this is exactly what I need to get my body into shape and to achieve a positive mindset also. I am loving the intensity of it too, so great! Meg"

Core Exercise Specialist

Keep it Simple - You Can Do it!

Forget the endless diets, fads and so-called secrets to losing weight. It's about commitment! That is committing to doing your workouts each week and prioritising 30 minutes a day for you. No more excuses, no more questions. It's right here in my guided weekly plans.

Mom working out with baby

Workout Anytime. At Home.

Feel empowered after childbirth as I deliver safe but challenging workouts to help you get fit and strong again after pregnancy. I am here for you as I provide you with 'challenging workouts' to help you lose weight and look amazing again.


Real Women. Real Results.

My online program is realistic, challenging, and has delivered results for women just like you!


"I love PregActive's online post pregnancy program. Being able to do workouts at home after the birth of my 3rd baby was amazing, finding time to get out to the gym would've been impossible."


"I do the PregActive online classes because they're convenient, easy to follow and really enjoyable - they're actually a lot better than I expected. Kerryn is very engaging and the workouts are just right!"


"I have loved the challenge, sign me up for Monday. I'm ready to do it all again. I am actually blow away by the improvements I am experiencing in just 4 short weeks!"

Are you Ready to Take the Challenge?

Get fit, strong and lose baby weight!