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FREE Diastasis Recti Exercises 7 Day Challenge

Diastasis Recti Exercises

7 Day FREE Challenge

Postpartum and Have Abdominal Separation? Or not sure if you had diastasis recti? Then this video series "7 Days of Diastasis Recti Exercises and Education" is for you.

This FREE series is loaded with more...

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Self Check for Diastasis Recti


Self Check for Diastasis Recti

I am about to show you the simple, at-home test to see if you have diastasis recti. This self check for diastasis recti is your first step. But please always seek professional medical advice to ensure you get the best...

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I'm in week 23 and already have Diastasis Recti

diastasis recti Oct 04, 2021

Diastasis in Pregnancy

Hi Kerryn,

I'm in week 23 and already have Diastasis Recti :(

Can I still do all the exercises in your week-by-week courses (from 23 onwards), or did you design them with in-tact abs in mind? (And if yes, which exercises in...

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6 Months Postpartum Health Care Including Diastasis Recti

6 Months Postpartum Health Care Including Diastasis Recti

I know from first-hand experience having two children that being a mama comes with great rewards as well as plenty of expected and unexpected challenges. Today, I want to talk about 6 months...

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Is Rib Gripping Causing Your Tummy Pooch?


Let's talk about Rib Gripping.

Do you have definition in your upper abdominals, but never seem to get that lower 'tummy pooch' toned up?

You might be ‘gripping through your ribs’, let me explain the signs to watch for and what you can do...

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Core Exercises when Pregnant and After Pregnancy


Core Exercises when Pregnant and After Pregnancy

Over the years teaching prenatal an postpartum fitness classes I have found that most women do not know exactly what their core is. So I want to chat about why you must be doing your core exercises when...

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Diastasis recti Splints - Good? Bad? A Better Option

Diastasis Recti Splints

What is the purpose of a splint? Diastasis recti splints being sold online describe the purpose of the splint as: to 're-position' both the connective tissue and the separated muscles in a better position to make your...

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Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum to Correct Abdominal Separation


Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum

Need some trusted diastasis recti exercises postpartum to correct and help heal your abdominal separation? Is diastasis recti pain causing you unnecessary discomfort?

I am here to help YOU.

Healing diastasis recti...

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Can I Do Crunches when Pregnant?


Can I Do Crunches when Pregnant?

A question I often get is - Can i do crunches when pregnant? Here's what I want you to know to keep both you and baby safe.

Firstly, there are so many more effective and safe exercises you can do for your abs other than...

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Diastasis Recti Surgery - Do I Need it? Your Options!

Diastasis Recti Surgery

I know from personal experience that I prepared as best I could for what I may expect during my postpartum recovery. And what I did throughout my pregnancy with regards to exercising and making the right lifestyle choices sure did...

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