I'm in week 23 and already have Diastasis Recti

diastasis recti
I'm in week 23 and already have Diastasis Recti

Diastasis in Pregnancy

Hi Kerryn, I'm in week 23 and already have Diastasis Recti. Can I still do all the exercises in your week-by-week courses (from 23 onwards), or did you design them with in-tact abs in mind? (And if yes, which exercises in particular should I avoid?) Thanks! Alie

Here's What You Need to Know

I’m so glad you're here in the Online PregActive Studio - and here you should stay, because YES my exercises are safe for you to do, if not essential to help strengthen your core and reduce back ache and issues postpartum.

Doing your core exercises correctly is so important in your pregnancy to help keep tone through your abdominals and the integrity of the connective tissue (linea alba) that connects your six muscle together.

Now I don't expect you to understand all of what I just said, but I need you to know that I'm an expert in this field and help Mamas-to-be just like you with issues like this every day.

How do you know you have diastasis recti?

Have you seen a health care professional?

Have you got doming / coning?

Go back and revisit the PregActive Foundation Summary and really focus on the pelvic floor first and then that gentle 'wrap' of your abdominals.

Planks and crunches are out anyway in pregnancy and these are the main issues with making diastasis worse, but be mindful that when getting up from the ground or getting out of bed you need to roll to your side.

Getting out of a low couch, shuffle to the end and then use your arms to help you up.

These are all things you'll need to do postpartum anyway, regardless of abdominal separation or not.

And the other thing to remember, is that most women get some degree of diastasis recti in their pregnancy, especially if carrying to full term. So you're not alone.

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Is this your first pregnancy?

Keep asking me questions and let's ensure you feel confident with your core engagement to help you through the rest of your pregnancy.

You're only a month behind me! I'm due November 23rd 2021 - when are you due?

~ Kerryn