Postpartum Back Pain Relief: Stretches that WORK!

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Stretches to Relieve Postpartum Back Pain after Nursing

Postpartum Back Pain Relief

Postpartum back pain is a common concern for many new mothers, especially after nursing. It can result from various factors such as changes in posture during feeding, hormonal changes, and the physical stress of pregnancy and childbirth.

Back pain and postpartum is common for new mamas. But if you include some simple adjustments and stretches then you can find relief.
In this blog post, I share stretches and exercises to help you relieve postpartum back pain.

Causes of Postpartum Back Pain

1. Carrying a baby around can trigger these discomforts.

2. To ensure back health you need to focus on thoracic spine mobility or upper back mobility. Being mobile will help to avoid building up tensions in your lower back and neck.

3. Did you know that a lack of mobility in the shoulders can trigger pain? It can also cause tension and discomfort in your neck and jaw. You may also experience headaches starting at the base of your head and migraines.

4. A dysfunctional shoulder mobility can also result in tendinitis around your shoulder joint.

5. Hip mobility is also very important. As you are well aware of; there is so much is happening around these joints during your entire pregnancy and birth. Postpartum back pain has a lot to do with tight hips and lack of mobility.

6. As new mamas, we tend to develop a lot of tension between the shoulder blades and in the neck when feeding baby. As a result, it can be the cause of postpartum back pain.

Gentle stretches that may help relieve postpartum back pain after nursing:

00:43 Standing Hip Circles
01:22 Ankle Pumping
02:08 Seated Assisted Neck Stretch
02:55 Neck Stretches
03:07 Upper Back Stretch

All you need is a chair. No equipment needed.

I know you're short on time, so this is only 4 minutes long.

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