6 Months Postpartum Health Care

diastasis recti postpartum exercise questions and answers
6 Months Postpartum Health Care

6 Months Postpartum Health Care 

I know from first-hand experience having two children that being a mama comes with great rewards as well as plenty of expected and unexpected challenges. Today, I want to talk about 6 months postpartum health care including diastasis recti. I also want to provide you with links to some great tips to help you.

I want to share with some tips to help answer your questions about postpartum health to ensure that you enjoy an empowered motherhood.

1. Do you want answers to the following questions?

2. What are some safe core exercises for new mamas?

3. How can you speed up the postpartum healing process?

4. How long does it take to recover after giving birth?

5. How much bleeding is normal after giving birth?

6. Can I run after pregnancy?

7. How do I heal my diastasis recti after childbirth?

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Postpartum Depression

What you need to know about postpartum depression

The transition from being pregnant to your postpartum recovery brings with it a variety of new symptoms and questions. Postpartum depressions, also known as postnatal depressions or PND is common. And what I want you to know is that you are not alone and there is help available.

You should not feel ashamed or alone. I want you to know that postpartum depression is not your fault, and it affects many mamas. The only way to feel better so you can care for yourself is to talk to a professional who can help.


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How long does it take to recover after giving birth?

Your first six weeks postpartum (after pregnancy) are considered a “recovery” period which is why I have a dedicated Core Rehab program for Mamas. During this period it is important to allow your body to rest and recover. 

How can you speed up the postpartum healing process?

1. Heal Your C-section scar – what you can do is to gently clean your C-section incision is to use soap and water once a day. After washing, dry with a clean towel and then apply an antibiotic ointment. And be sure to avoid carrying heavy item or any vigorous exercises.

2. Heal Your Perineum – you can apply ice your perineum every couple of hours for the first 24 hours post-birth. You can also try warm baths for 15-20 minutes a few times a day to ease pain.

3. Bowel Movements – Did you know that your first postpartum bowel movement can take time? It can, so don’t try and force it. Eat plenty of fibre-rich foods.

4. Heal Your Pelvic Floor – Yes, do your Kegels or pelvic floor exercises!

5. Heal Your Breasts - Try using a warm compress or ice packs and gentle massage. Also be sure to wear a comfortable nursing bra.


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The Postpartum Period

As a new mama, you will experience many emotions and unexpected body changes. By following my tips and those of our postpartum experts; you will get through it and recover fully to enjoy an empowering motherhood. Reach out and join our amazing community of PregActive mamas!

I get lots of questions from our amazing PregActive mamas that I answer in our member-only online community. But I think it's important to share these Q&A with you as it may just be something that can also help you.


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Mama Question: I just signed up I'm 6 months postpartum with severe diastasis recti.

My friends that are 3-4 months postpartum are back to normal but mine is bad.

I tried doing planks 3 months postpartum to strengthen my stomach muscles which I realize was a mistake.

It hurts me to lean forward because of my weak stomach muscles.

Also picking up my baby is a challenge with my weak core.

Even sitting up from lying down has to be slow with the slight pain.

I recently got a postpartum stomach brace how and when if when should I wear it?

I know I can't rely on the brace for life to hold my stomach together.

Should I do the Core Rehab program one week at a time?

Thank you for your help. Any other exercises I should do since you know how bad my diastasis recti is?

From Kerryn:

Welcome! You have come to the right place!

Yes, one module per week is ideal. You may get frustrated at weeks one and two for being slower, but TRUST ME, we need to start from the deep core and work our way from there.

You body is amazing, more amazing than you know.

It will function to get the movement done, but often, when not doing corrective exercises after birth; the wrong muscles can override and the deeper stabilsers stay weak.

Going through my Core Rehab program will help to train you in the right way.

My concern with the tummy brace is the impact it will have on your pelvic floor.

Your 'core' works as a unit and includes your deep abdominals and your pelvic floor. So by putting pressure around your torso and not regulating the intra-abdominal pressure, you could be putting pressure downwards onto your pelvic floor.

Watch through my foundation videos within the Core Rehab section. Before going to Module One, select the 'How to Get Started' and you will see the PregActive Foundation videos I want you to watch.

Ask me all your questions, it's exactly why I'm here. And you know what, by you asking, it helps another Mama when she reads my response too.

Here for you, let's get you feeling strong and confident in your core!

~ Kerryn

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