Lose weight after childbirth

lose baby weight
Lose weight after childbirth

Lose Weight after Childbirth

To successfully loseweight after childbirth you need to have the support of your family and friends. You need to build a support network to help you on your weight loss journey. Your support network will often start with family and friends but there are also other groups in your local community you can turn to.

Lose Weight after Childbirth with the Help of Your Support Network

Essentially your weight loss support network is a group of friends, family members or people (e.g. Our PregActive Family) you can share your weight loss goals, challenges, thoughts, successes, feelings and journey with.

These people also want you to lose weight and have your best interests at heart.

Losing weight quickly with some fast weight loss fad diet can work.

But, it is not sustainable and you will just put the unwanted weight back on. Not to mention, some of these diets can cause significant health issues. So, create a healthy living plan that you can maintain for life. Enjoy food, Enjoy health food. AND eat for life!

Your Support Network

1. Expert Group of Support

You may find that a regular meeting with a Dietitian or personal trainer can provide the required support to help keep you on track and keep you motivated.

2. Formal Group of Support

A regular weight loss meeting group in your area could be considered a formal network of support as it is a group specifically designed to help you to lose weight.

3. Non-Expert Group of Support

Non-expert groups would include close family, friends or work colleagues. They are there for you to chat or just provide the motivation you need to keep going. This group may not have any expert knowledge on weight loss but they can be there to support and encourage you.

4. Informal Group of Support

An informal group may include meeting with your friends whenever possible for lunch or at a cafe.

To Lose Weight after Childbirth,You Need Help!

To successfully lose weight post pregnancy you will want to build a support network to help you on your weight loss journey. here is how they will help you achieve your goal.

Your Support Group Will:

1. Provide motivation.

2. Provide encouragement.

3. Listen to you when you are feeling down and doubtful.

4. Help you feel a part of a team and that you are not alone.

5. Assist you to overcome your fears.

6. Help you to stay accountable.

7. Help you to stay on course.

8. Provide you with guidance, advice and information.

9. Encourage you to share your experiences and successes.

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Your Support Network Should Consist of People Who:

1. Genuinely care about your health and happiness.

2. Will be honest with you.

3. Will get tough with you if you need it.

4. Are dependable.

5. Have expert knowledge in weight loss (unless your non-expert support group).

6. Are non-judgmental.

7. Understand what you are going through.

8. Are positive, fun and enjoyable to be around.

9. Don't give up easily.

10. Will forgive your failures along the way.

11. You feel comfortable sharing your feelings with.

12. Are as committed to a healthy lifestyle as you are.

13. Are reliable.

14. Are trustworthy.

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