How Long Does it Take for Pelvic Floor to Recover after Childbirth?

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How Long Does it Take for Pelvic Floor to Recover after Childbirth?

How Long Does it Take for Pelvic Floor to Recover after Childbirth?

It's important to know that the pelvic floor is impacted by the pregnancy, so even if you have had a c-section, pelvic floor exercises are still vital in your recovery post-birth.

Having a vaginal delivery does not mean that your pelvic floor will be destroyed. It certainly will be impacted, but, given you do the right steps early postpartum, you can recover your pelvic floor so that you have optimal function.

You don't want to have to experience: - peeing your pants - painful intercourse - heaviness - anxiety about incontinence.

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Pelvic Floor after Childbirth

In this video, I discuss a common concern among new mothers - how long does it take for the pelvic floor to recover after childbirth?

I delve into the factors that can impact the recovery process, such as the type of delivery, pelvic floor exercises, and lifestyle choices. Join us as we provide valuable insights and tips on how to support your pelvic floor health postpartum.

If you're a new mom or soon-to-be mom, this video is a must-watch for you. Understanding the recovery timeline of your pelvic floor is crucial for your overall well-being and quality of life.

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Let's empower ourselves with knowledge and take proactive steps towards better pelvic floor health. 

Pregnancy throws all sorts of challenges and body changes at you. So it is understandable that many new mamas ask 'When will I be back to normal after pregnancy?' The constant noise and pressure from outside can create stress for you when you least need unwanted stress as you look after your baby.

Social media has its benefits but it can also be highly negative and destructive for new moms. You see, social media is full of influencers showing off their flat stomachs only a few weeks postpartum. This is not common or realistic so please be sure take the right path to your postpartum recovery.

Your recovery after pregnancy will be very individual to you. It won't happen overnight so be patient. It took nine months to make a baby and it can take at least that long or longer to get back into shape again. And your pelvic floor is just one area you need to work on.

Hormonal Changes

After childbirth your hormone levels drop dramatically and begin a long process of adjusting from growing and birthing a baby to now nursing a baby and helping your body recover.

After Labor and Delivery

After your labor and delivery you will experience some big physical changes. Immediately after childbirth the womb starts shrinking and goes back to its original size around six weeks postpartum. This process allows your internal organs to find their own places again and will also ease your breathing as the lungs get more space. 

Your pelvic floor muscles and the vagina stretch during childbirth which may result in some tearing and bruising. The vaginal swelling during childbirth also decreases rapidly. Vaginal recovery can take a few weeks and your pelvic floor function usually returns to normal within the first few months.

It's also about you looking after YOU! Healing and recovering so you can regain your body confidence.