Postpartum Recovery Garments, Compression, Shapewear, Tubigrip

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Postpartum Recovery Garments, Compression, Shapewear, Tubigrip

Postpartum Recovery Garments, Compression, Shapewear, Tubigrip

Postpartum recovery garments, compression garments, shapewear, tubigrip, girdles you name it; there's something always being advertised to mamas.

My main recommendation is actually tubigrip. If going for a recovery short based option, it's important to remember the support of the pelvic floor is important. If going for a walk, wearing supportive wear, but also a pad or double pad for the support of the pelvic floor. And then coming home and having a rest / lie down.

It's important not to just focus on the abdominal compression as this can put pressure downward on the pelvic floor. The proprioception of the gentle compression can help with recovery, but core exercises are important in the recovery post-birth whether the delivery mode was a c-section or vaginal delivery.

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Baby Belly? Pregnancy Pooch?

I know after chatting to friends who had children that I should expect to have a pregnancy pooch, baby belly, or post-baby belly after I gave birth with my first child.

What I want you to know is that your body is amazing and a part of your recovery after childbirth is allowing your body to heal. It really does take time for your entire body, and especially your stomach, to fully recover from pregnancy. Right after delivery, you may still look and feel five or six months pregnant.

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What To Expect

Your uterus will take around 2-3 weeks to shrink back to where it’s not visible. Your abdominal muscles may take a lot longer to heal and start to feel normal again. This is why I created my Core Rehab for Mamas program as it is specifically designed for new mamas.

Postpartum Compression Garments are medical-grade compression garments that are made with breathable, lightweight fabric and provide a discreet fit. They provide the extra support needed to tighten the areas most affected by pregnancy, and require a prescription from your provider to obtain.

Proposed Health Benefits Include:

  1. Tightens and tones belly, hips, waist, pelvis, and lower back.
  2. Speeds up postpartum recovery time.
  3. Gentle support panels to stabilize the abdomen.
  4. Gentle compression to reduce swelling (edema).
  5. Supports lower back and hips for improved posture.
  6. C-Section Compression Garment aids wound healing after a C-Section birth.
  7. Relieves conditions like pelvic girdle pain.

It is important you are aware of what you can expect after childbirth with regards to postpartum body changes. When you know how your body starts to heal, you can then look into ways to help expedite the healing process. Along with appropriate post pregnancy exercises, you may turn your attention to postpartum recovery garments to help you.

My chat with Obstetrician Dr Ini Thevathasan discuss this exact topic and I hope it gives you some insight into helping you choose what is best for you.

Before you choose, I want you to chat with your Obstetrician, midwife or health care professional.