Planning for Pregnancy: Ultimate Guide

planning pregnancy
Planning for Pregnancy

Planning for Pregnancy

No one can tell you what it's like to have your first baby. And no one can tell you what that journey before getting pregnant will be like either. So, I want to help you when you are planning for pregnancy to ensure your body is ready for your greatest challenge - pregnancy!

It is the big unknown, which for those who like to have all the ducks lined up, can be unsettling.

But what you can do, is to give yourself the best chance at falling pregnant.

And that chance involves optimising your health, so that you are not just ready to become pregnant and bring new life into the world, but you are getting yourself ready to be the healthiest, happiest woman now and well into motherhood.

You see, we are our own worst enemy.

We create stress for ourselves that doesn't need to exist.

When it comes to conceiving, stress be your biggest obstacle.

And when you start labelling that something might be ‘wrong’ with you or your partner, that level of stress and the uncertainty of whether you will ever have a baby, can sky rocket.

There is nothing wrong with you. And your body is amazing.

You see, just like giving birth, your body is smarter than you think. It’s a natural protector and if given the space to feel safe and at ease, your body will do wonderful things through the power of hormones.

If surrounded by stress hormones and this false sense of ‘danger’ then your body will not cooperate with what you are wanting, whether it is now in the planning stages or during pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

That is a very simplified answer to, what sometimes is a very complex situation and of course, every woman and every situation is different.

The reason I have designed our new Planning for Pregnancy program is to help women prepare and ideally optimise their chances of becoming pregnant.

The path to true wellness, and pregnancy, can be a fulfilling and empowering journey.

And that’s my goal.

To help as many women, not only in their journey of planning to become pregnant, but throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.

Once you empower this, once you become connected with this, you will never turn back.

Not only will you have less stress and more energy, your mind and body will feel reunited and once again communicate in a way that is seamless and effortless.

Your body is about to go through a lot of changes in pregnancy, and you are making the right step now to help reduce unnecessary aches and pains through each trimester.

Having a positive mindset is where it all begins, and my guided meditation and discussions will help you with this.

Refresh and Rejuvenate with My Fertility Yoga.

Strengthen your body the right way with my specifically designed workouts.

Are You.....
  1. Working out regularly, but not achieving your goals?
  2. Wanting specific exercises to prepare for pregnancy?
  3. Tired of the same old gym exercise programs?
  4. Physically preparing your body beyond birth?
  5. Wanting to workout at home?
  6. Trying to lose weight but are failing to achieve your goal?
  7. Wanting to boost nutrient stores for You and Baby?
  8. Very busy and want flexible workouts?

I have been through it all myself, and I attribute these practices to helping me have a great pregnancy, incredible birth and quicker recovery postpartum.

Not only is my body strong and mobile from all of this, my mind is so much stronger than it's ever been before.

We as women are incredible and this gift of brining life into the world is certainly one to be enjoyed.

I welcome you to start the journey with me to help give yourself the best start to what will be, the most incredible journey of your life.

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