When Should I Stop Exercising During Pregnancy?

prenatal exercise Jul 16, 2023
When Should I Stop Exercising During Pregnancy?

You should stop exercising during pregnancy straight away if you feel unwell or are in pain. It is so important that you listen to your body as you know your body better than anyone else! Always tell your midwife or doctor if you are worried about any specific aches, pains or other issues that have started.

Pay attention to any of the following warning signs when you exercise. If you have any of them, stop and call your obstetrician.

When Should I Stop Exercising During Pregnancy?

1. Chest pain

2. Bleeding from the vagina

3. Calf pain or swelling

4. Feeling dizzy or faint

5. Shortness of breath before starting exercise

6. Headache

7. Muscle weakness

8. Regular, painful contractions of the uterus

9. Fluid gushing or leaking from the vagina

10. You are having lots of Braxton Hicks 'practice' contractions

11. You have any vaginal bleeding

12. It is very hot and humid

13. You feel unwell

14. You have a deep pain in your stomach or pelvis

15. You have a weak cervix

16.You have a low-lying placenta ( placenta praevia )

When to Stop Exercising During Pregnancy

It is safe to stay active right up to the end of your pregnancy if you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy. But there are some things to look out for when you are exercising.

Whatever mode of exercise you choose when pregnant; stop whenever you are experiencing any of the above symptoms.


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