Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

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Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

So today we are going to chat about natural ways to bring on labour. Look, let's be honest. Getting to the pointy end of third trimester can bring on a lot of emotions for many women, especially about whether they will 'easily' go into spontaneous labour.

It' a complete unknown as to the actual day your baby will give you signals that they are ready to descend, and for some women the stress and worry is just too much.

Inductions and planned C-sections are a new way to bring that day forward, and in some medical reasons it's necessary for health of Mother and / or baby.

Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

But for many women wanting to go into spontaneous labour, they're actually wanting to avoid the medical interventions mentioned above and try for something a little bit more natural.

Acupuncture has been high on the list when it comes to 'natural ways to bring on labour' and I so naturally, I wanted to interview Rachael West, a sort after health care professional with so much knowledge and passion.

As I ask Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist, Rachael West all about how she helps women prepare for birth, naturally.

How can Acupuncture help to you prepare for birth.

Birth preparation commences at 34-36 weeks and consists of weekly treatments including

  1. Massage
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Cupping
  4. Moxa
  5. Herbal formulas

All aimed at preparing the mother's body, mind and soul for the birthing process.

The lead up to birth can be overwhelming with a plethora of emotions including excitement, frustrations, feeling overwhelmed or even fearful.

Your body is changing rapidly and you may be experiencing aches and pains, swelling, anxiety, heartburn, interrupted sleep and exhaustion.

Every patient and pregnancy is different so it is my role to meet and support the mother with what she requires at that time to encourage the normal cascade of hormones, stimulate blood flow to the uterus and pelvic floor, open and ripen the cervix, relax and lengthen the muscles, sinews and ligaments, and calm her mind in preparation for birth.

A little bit about Rachael West:

I literally discovered Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by accident. I was in a car accident when I was pregnant with my first child and was unable to take any medications for my pain and a friend suggested I try Acupuncture.

I was so blown away by the positive outcomes of my treatments that I left my corporate career and focused the next two decades of my life on studying and practicing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage

During this time I have completed a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage and a bachelor degree of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) and was extremely fortunate to be accepted to attend a clinical internship at Tzu Chi Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

The internship was amazing as it allowed me to experience the full power of Chinese Medicine in a hospital setting.

Years of Experience

Throughout my years of practice I have developed a love for supporting women to achieve optimal health and have completed extra courses in fertility, IVF support, menopause, pregnancy, post-partum support, cancer support and general women's health.


As a mother of three and endometriosis sufferer I can honestly say that I have had my share of ups and downs when it relates to fertility and women’s health issues and I know that my experiences make me a better practitioner.

Practicing Chinese Medicine enables me to fulfil my insatiable love of learning, as it is a dynamic and complete health system that is continually developing and evolving.

In addition to my love of learning I love teaching and I am able to put my Masters of Education to use and have been working as a sessional lecturer at the Southern School of Natural Therapies since 2011 teaching Chinese Medicine.

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