Pregnancy Pilates Workout for Third Trimester

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Pregnancy Pilates Workout for Third Trimester

Pregnancy Pilates Workout for Third Trimester

Here is my Pregnancy Pilates Workout for Third Trimester. I want to share this 14 minute online prenatal Pilates workout you can do at home. It contains modified exercises suitable for you if you are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

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Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Welcome to the third trimester of pregnancy! Your belly is getting bigger by the minute, and you are no doubt experiencing a range of body changes and emotions as you approach childbirth.

You will have a more exaggerated anterior tilt of the pelvis. This can result in shortening of the hip flexors and weaken the hamstrings and the glutes.

During this third trimester, it's a good idea to take it slow and only include appropriate workouts into your fitness plan.

Pregnancy Pilates Workout for 3rd Trimester

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What are the benefits of Pilates during the third trimester?

A well designed 3rd trimester Pilates workout helps to alleviate and prevent joint pain by increasing circulation and stability within the body. The mind-body connection that you will have developed from your first trimester and second trimester workouts will serve you well during childbirth as well.

The deep breathing in Pilates will help with stress management while helping you to prepare for childbirth.

3rd Trimester Exercises

Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

Exercise 3.

Exercise 4.

Is Pilates safe during the third trimester?

Yes! Your workouts can be modified to accommodate how you're feeling on any given day.

I still continued with my Pilates workouts deep into my third trimester but my focus of my classes started to shift. I wanted to concentrate more on deepening the connection to my breath and finding relaxation as I aimed to create balanced strength with the Pilates movements.

Exercises to Avoid in the 3rd Trimester?

Your third semester workouts are a safe progression from the 2nd trimester. I want you to avoid exercises done while lying on your back as this can restrict blood flow to the baby and make you feel dizzy. Also, avoid exercises done while lying facedown.

By now, if you have been following me for a while would know that I am not a fan of planks during pregnancy. Loaded flexion that adds intra-abdominal pressure like planks should be avoided. These planks are just too strenuous on the abdominals and pelvic floor.

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