Kristin's Five Star Review of Studio PregActive

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Kristin's Five Star Review of Studio PregActive

Kristin's Five Star Review of Studio PregActive

When I first started to teach Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates, I was teaching from a small studio in Melbourne's eastern suburbs on a Sunday morning. It was amazing and beautiful to have these women come, enjoy and boast about how much they loved my classes.

But there was something not right. The fact that women who didn't live close by or couldn't make it on that exact time, just couldn't get to my classes.

This was the birth of Studio PregActive. My online platform that provides women their safe space and guidance to workout in their Pregnancy and Postpartum journey, no matter where they live and no matter when they want to workout.

Below is yet another beautiful email I received from one of our PregActive Mamas who lives across the other side of the world to me:

Kristin's Five Star Review of Studio PregActive

"I just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU to Kerryn and the entire team for providing such an amazing pregnancy and postpartum resource for new mothers. You were literally in my delivery room on my tablet when my baby boy decided to 'surprise' everyone by arriving two weeks early!

While I had cobbled together a birth 'plan' and hospital bag, I hadn't gotten around to how I should manage myself (breathing, pain management, etc.) the day I would deliver my son.

So I was watching your birth prep videos hours before I went into labor at the hospital on how to breathe, push, where I could have my husband press into my lower back for pain management, etc.

Your videos also helped me ask the right questions at my post-partum check-ups to receive pelvic floor therapy, which was a huge help alongside doing your postpartum workout videos.

So again, thank you. I will continue to refer new moms your way for support and help, and I hope to return back if I am blessed with another baby in the future. Thank you again for such a helpful resource!"

Hearing these words spoken so clearly from our Mamas that what we're providing here at Studio PregActive is helping so much, is incredible.

We're leaving a legacy, resources, education and support for women at all stages of pregnancy and beyond, that no matter when they join, they are guided step by step through this incredible journey.

Thankyou Kristin, and all our PregActive Mamas for sharing your stories with us.