Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

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Vaginal Birth after Caesarean VBAC Podcast

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

A vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) is something many women strive for, and it's so helpful to hear positive successful VBAC pregnancy stories like Sigrid's. A big thank you to Sigrid for sharing your story.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

Podcast duration: 30:30

Every woman should listen to inspiring Birth Stories like this.

After having a traumatic first birth with her first four years ago followed by postnatal depression, Sigrid was determined to have things differently the second time around. And she did.

Sigrid's Inspiring VBAC Birth Story

Part 1 - The Reason Why I Wanted to Try for a VBAC:

Sigrid was induced with her first child at 41 weeks due to high blood pressure, but looking back now would she have waited longer.

It was over the New Year period and she was told she only had two dates to choose from. Naively, she was excited to meet her baby boy, so chose the earlier date.

After a 13 hour labour and 9cm dilated, bub became distressed and she was rushed for an emergency caesarean.

The next day at the visit from the doctor he said she'd be a great candidate for a VBAC, and from then on Sigrid was on a mission to do so!

The days following, she suffered headaches, suicidal thoughts and the never-ending crying. The birth trauma was real and was having a big impact.

She got on a mental health plan and saw a physiologist, which helped, but really it wasn't until the amazing birth of her second son four years later that she was truly healed from the experience.

Part 2 - Birth Prep

Things were to be different the next time around. As soon as Sigrid found out she was pregnant she applied to get in the Midwife Group Practice at her hospital, and she got in.

Paired with the amazing Christina, she instantly felt safe and comfortable.

She booked in her friend Donna as her doula / birth photographer and still to this day is so happy she did.

From 30 weeks onward she had regular acupuncture, chiropractic care and PregActive Prenatal Yoga in addition to attending Calm Birth as well as the VBAC sessions at the hospital.

She kept healthy and active all the way up until her birth, which helped her mentally and physically stay strong.

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Part 3 - Early Labour

23rd April - Tuesday

It all started quite early. She had a week of being 1cm dilated with 2cm long cervix.

She focused on relaxing and breathing to help soften her cervix, and had a successful stretch and sweep.

25th April - Thursday

Bit by bit the mucus plug came out.

Such a cool feeling to experience the body going through the natural stages of labour and preparation to deliver her baby, compared to last time where she didn’t experience any of this.

26th April - Friday

Each day was getting a little bit more intense.

Went for some acupuncture, and baby monitoring and then of course, a trip to Ikea to satisfy her nesting cravings!

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More intense cramps throughout the night.

27th April - Saturday

It was a home day, more mucus plus with old blood, and a beautiful photo-shoot with her first son as that feeling of 'I might be giving birth soon' was real.

Not a great night's sleep with a heap of heart burn and cramping, but a heat pack and Panadol helped out.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

Part 4 - Labour and Birth
28th April - Sunday

Started the day with a bath and decided to start tracking the contractions, although they were still far apart (30 to 40 min and irregular).

It was another chilled-out day at home, but knowing bub was coming soon they dropped their older son to the in-laws and went for a big walk as the sun was setting.

Once home, the contractions where between 5 to 10 minutes apart.

Feeling fine between the contractions it was hard to know whether to get her friend Donna the doula down, after trying to lying down around 7pm with the contractions too strong, it was time for Donna to come.

Donna arrived after 9pm.

Between contractions was still fine and coping well, just chatting as normal. Watching Ace Venture Pet Detective as she bounced on a fit ball.

On came the tens machine and some chill music, had a bit of a dance and was still really relaxed.

Down onto the ground in a yoga pose using the ball for support, her sounds started to change and the whole feeling was progressing.

They decided to leave for the hospital, even though there was that feeling of 'I don't want to arrive too early at the hospital.'

They waited another hour as she was so comfortable at home, but then the contracted picked up and her noises changed to more primal, so it was time to go.

Three contractions on the way to the hospital, in the car park, in the hall and then in the lift.

Totally felt like a movie scene!

Christina wasn't there, but it didn't matter. Sigrid felt completely comfortable with Naomi, who had such a welcoming vibe about her.

Off went all the lights in the birthing suite. The contractions built up, and Sigrid kept moving, walking around and bouncing on the fit ball, leaning on the bed and doing child's pose on the ground.

A skill Donna had showed Chris as to hold Sigrid's hips, and so for each contraction along the six-hour journey Sigrid would yell 'Chris!' and he would hold her with his big supportive hands, just an incredible support.

A feeling of sickness came over and her and Chris went into the bathroom, instantly feeling better, although in the darkness almost falling asleep.

Time was going so quick unlike the first labour.

Craving being on the floor and moving into comfortable positions from there, her poor midwife coped a few swear words as she tried to assist, but once the contraction was over Sigrid apologised to her.

There was definitely a shift and she was starting to transition. Everyone helped her up onto the bed as she was too exhausted to do it herself.

There as feelings of doubt that started to cross her mind, but the constant reminder from her support team kept her going and she was now so close to meeting her gorgeous bub, George.

Never did she vocalise her want for drugs, although it was a thought that did cross her mind.

So grateful now that she never asked for them.

Chris, her partner, was her support person, she felt so comfortable with him, he was her safe space.

All she wanted was to get back into child's pose, her absolute favourite yoga pose, but her midwife suggested she go sit on the toilet. That's when things turned next level.

The ring of fire, his head was coming down. She was just waiting for each contraction to come quicker so she could get him out. It felt like it was taking forever!

Everyone kept reassuring her that the head was coming, but it still felt like it took forever.

Drawing her legs closer and being more upright helped as gravity was now assisting. She just completely let her body take over, and just started to breath down to guide him out.

Chris was the one to catch little George as he arrived into the world.

All Sigrid could hear was this tiny cry.

She had done it! Although completely exhausted, she was so over the moon. Kissing her partner and holding her baby boy.

And then ten minutes later realising she's also done it without any drugs, and she was even more stocked!

They opened the blinds and it was morning. He was born at 6:33am after being in active labour for 6:12, pushing for only 20 min.

She never planned to not use drugs and was always open to the idea but in the moment of George's birth she surrendered to the process, and as it turns out she did not even need them.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

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