7 Step Plan to Lose Baby Weight

lose baby weight Sep 23, 2020
7 Tips to Lose Baby Weight for Good

If you want to lose baby weight for good then there are some achievable steps you can take. Are you eating well and exercising but still gaining weight? If so, you are not alone and I can understand your frustration if you are trying to lose baby weight for good!

7 Step Plan to Lose Baby Weight

Losing baby weight can be a different experience for each person. Some women find weight loss after pregnancy easy, why others find it a tough battle.

Become a Stronger Mama!

If you are truly following my Stronger Mama exercise program and eating well, then the next step is to delve deeper into why you are still gaining weight.

Before continuing, there are some medical and health issues that can be creating problems for you so it is always recommended to seek medical advice if you believe this is the case.

7 Habits to Help You Lose Baby Weight for Good

Step 1. Avoid the calories

Many years ago I thought I was doing the right thing by drinking orange juice. I thought I was getting the vitamin C I needed. Little did I know that these drinks were full of sugar and unwanted calories. When you are thirsty, drink water!

Avoid the Gimmicks and weight loss fads

The weight loss industry is a huge billion dollar business. There are many weight loss gimmicks, diets and fads on the market that if you are having a vulnerable moment you will likely fall victim to the great sales tactics used by these companies to get you to buy their products.

Ignore them!

To lose weight you just need to; exercise, eat healthy foods, reduce how much you eat and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Step 2. Never shop on an empty stomach!

This is a saying you would have heard before and for good reason. It is hard to resist temptation when you are hungry and you are being presented with endless opportunities in a supermarket to buy a sugary item to satisfy your hunger.

First of all, the more sugar you eat the more you will want to eat so it won't satisfy your hunger. Secondly, if you stick to your shopping list them you will avoid those impulsive buys.

Step 3. Do you eat when you are cooking?

Ever wondered why a lot of chefs find it hard to keep off the weight? As a part of their job they have to always taste the food they are cooking.

If you are constantly eating while cooking or eating any left-overs then this is contributing to your inability to lose weight. Make a conscious effort to not eat while cooking!

Step 4. Know where the hidden calories are!

This is one of the biggest problems for people trying to lose weight. The main culprits are sauces and dressings as they are loaded with sugar. Read the food labels and try to eat healthy fruits and vegetables straight from the market. Processed packaged foods are high in calories and unwanted preservatives.

It is very easy when you are busy caring for your baby to grab the closest snack out of the pantry. The problem is that this will become a habit and eventually you will find yourself eating foods high in sugar just because they are the easy option.

Instead, stock your pantry and freezer with healthy food options so that the next time you are hungry, you have a healthier food option ready-to-go.

This is also where you can get your support team (friends, family) to make some healthy treats for you.

Step 5. Portion size is important!

If you eat too much food, even healthy food items, then you will gain weight. You should eat in moderation and pay attention to portion size. One tips is to reduce the size of your serving plate as we naturally fill-up the plate regardless of its size.

Step 6. Are you constantly snacking?

We are programmed form an early age to have three main meals and have a morning snack followed by an afternoon snack. But are these snacks required? No!

If you can reduce your caloric intake by eliminating snacking from your daily routine then this will go a long way in helping you to lose weight. And we are probably all guilty of this but try avoid to snack when your children are snacking.

Are you finding yourself filling in time by eating? Sitting on the couch nursing baby? You're not alone! This is where a lot of mamas put on weight and find it hard to lose baby weight. What you want to do here is complete a full pantry and fridge make-over.

Get a big box and go through your pantry throwing away all junk food. The next time you are craving something, you will have a healthy option readily available.

Step 7. Get up and Move!

There has been plenty of research published lately about the negative impact on our health of sitting too much. If you sit down at work or at home, you need to set reminders to get up every 20 minutes and move.

I know this will be dependent on the type of work you do, or your responsibilities and time availability at home, but get up and move when you can.

When you get stronger your metabolism will speed-up which only helps you to lose more weight. You don' have to go to the gym of lift heavy weights to get stronger. My workouts include body weight exercises that you can do at home without any equipment.

When the weather allows you to get outside, grab the stroller and take baby for a walk around the block. As your fitness improves, increase the distance and pace a little each week. Along with getting fresh air, these walks will help boost your mood.

Even better, ask a friend to go on a walk with you to make it more interesting as you chat away.

Play with Baby

It is important to note that certain post-baby conditions, such as recovering from a caesarean, will require you to avoid exercises and movements in the first few weeks because they may cause further harm.

If you are still recovering, then dedicate your time to healing, not trying to lose weight! Enjoy your time playing with baby in the months following birth until you have been approved to start exercising again.

Stay positive

You will undoubtedly have set-backs and moments where temptation gets the better of you. Don't stress about it. It's what you do next in getting back on track that is important. You should be proud of what you've accomplished so far and the weight you've already lost.

We are all different!

So please do not compare yourself to others. Here at our PregActive family we do not judge! We celebrate each other's success and support all. And I hope you are kind to yourself as you set your own realistic personal goals.

Core Rehab vs Stronger Mama?

My Core Rehab for Mamas program is for mamas who are still healing their body post pregnancy. This program is to be completed before taking on my Stronger Mama Challenge. My Core Rehab program is focused on healing your body as you recover post pregnancy.

The Stronger Mama Weight Loss Challenge provides you with a week-by-week guided plan of workouts and tips. It is not about counting calories; or being required to buy hundreds of ingredients to make healthy meals.

Nor is it about replacing all meals with smoothies.

To lose weight you need to exercise, eat well and make positive lifestyle changes. But you must keep it simple! If it requires too much effort and sacrifice then you are more likely to give up. You need a plan that is sustainable to fit into your busy lifestyle.

And just to clarify; we have many women doing our Challenge who don't need, or want to lose weight. They just want to get fit and strong for motherhood.

How About You?

Are you struggling to lose weight after childbirth? Are you always looking at your post baby belly? You're not alone.

What I don't want you to do is get on some quick weight loss fad diet. I don't want you to try some extreme crash exercise program while your body is still recovering after childbirth.

What I do want you to do is implement some positive lifestyle changes that you can sustain for life and keep that weight off!

If You Want to Lose Baby Weight
then Stop Eating On The Go!

Your lifestyle as a busy mother will be very hectic looking after your newborn baby. If you are ready to start losing baby weight, then one action point for you is to stop eating on the go.

I know there is endless running about to complete daily tasks, looking after your other children and even the possibility that you are also committing time to working a job outside of the home.

As a result, more often now than ever, you may find yourself eating on the go which is only making it more difficult to lose pregnancy weight.

The problem with constant eating on the go is that you may satisfy your immediate hunger but you will likely increase your food intake later in the day.

This will lead to the consumption of unnecessary calories and subsequently unwanted weight gain.

In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology backed this theory up as the researchers found that people who eat on-the-go may increase their food intake later in the day, resulting in extra weight gain and obesity.

Tips to Avoid Eating on the Go

Plan your meals ahead and avoid impulsive eating or stopping by the local convenience store to grab something to eat. This is where your meal planner can help you.

To avoid a last minute scramble in the morning; try and pack a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks the night before and store it in the fridge.

Locate the healthy food stores near you.

If you must eat when you are out then identify the stores or cafes that can provide you with a healthy option. If you are hungry and stop by any unknown cafe then you will likely select the convenient high-sugar option such as a muffin or banana bread.

While my post pregnancy weight loss program does not get you to count every calorie you take in, it is still advised to have a reasonable idea of the calories you consume.

If you are unaware of the calories in some so-called healthy food items you may be making your challenge of losing pregnancy weight more difficult.

Hidden Sugars

Many of these items can contain a lot of hidden sugars without you even knowing it.

If you do not cook the food you eat then it is difficult to know just exactly how many calories you are consuming. Remember, most cafes or restaurants sell you food where they prioritise taste over the health rating.

Do You Create Excuses?

I want to start by saying being a mother is not easy! But I want you to be able to differentiate between valid reasons and excuses. Valid reasons include medical reasons, health issues with a family member, and many more. Excuses are what you can change.

One of the greatest barriers to losing weight is making excuses and not being honest with yourself. Are you on a mission to lose weight after childbirth?

Have you allowed sufficient time for your body to heal and recover? First, you must you must overcome the dramatic changes your body has endured post-birth.

Then, let's aim to lose that baby weight.


When you set-out to lose baby weight, you may find yourself finding excuses why you endlessly fail.

You need to attain a 'healthy mindset' towards weight loss that includes acknowledging the excuses you constantly make and then to positively address each one so that they are no longer a barrier to you losing weight.

Losing weight is so much more than just eating better and exercising.

Why Are You Making Excuses? Do You:

1. Like instant gratification and go for a quick weight loss option.

2. Don't know how to lose weight.

3. Make excuses is easy for you.

4. Have your priorities wrong.

5. Are too busy.

6. Cannot afford a personal trainer.

7. Cannot afford fitness equipment.

8. Don't have time due to work and family commitments.

9. Always make excuse about the weather – It’s too hot, too cold.

10. Find exercise boring.

11. Play the role of a victim of circumstance.

12. Live in a state of denial.

13. Can't afford to eat healthy.

14. Believe you cannot lose weight because you’re hormonal.

15. Believe you are too out of shape to start.

16. Are too busy taking care of the kids.

17. Are just too unhappy and upset.

18. Have too many other priorities.

19. Have limited time available each day.

20. Don't know how to start losing weight.

More Excuses

21. Don't know anything about nutrition.

22. Believe you are too old to start.

23. Are afraid to fail.

24. Just hate exercise.

25. Are not a motivated person.

26. Believe you can always start tomorrow or next week.

27. Feel that nobody wants to help you.

28. Lack the required commitment to lose weight.

29. Can always find more enjoyable things to do.

30. Convince yourself that being overweight is not that bad.

31. Have a negative attitude so sticking to a weight loss plan is not for you.

How to Overcome the Most Common Excuses

1. I Do Not Have the Time!

1. Identify where you are spending most of your time.

2. Now try and reduce or eliminate unnecessary or unimportant tasks.

3. Devote time at the start of the day by getting up 30 minutes earlier.

4. My workouts range from 5 - 30 minutes so you do not need to exercise for hours.

5. Acknowledge the importance of prioritising your health.

6. Improve your time management skills.

7. Simplify your life as you may be taking on too much.

2. I'm Too Old!

1. You are never too old to exercise and get in shape!

2. Maintain quality of life by staying fit and healthy.

3. Exercising can help you maintain or improve mobility.

3. I Will Just Start Tomorrow!

1. Stop procrastinating and start today - even if it is a 5 minute workout!

4. I Don't Have the Self-Motivation!

1. Our PregActive family is there to support and motivate you.

2. Commit to your weekly postpartum workouts.

3. Book in a weekly session with personal trainer.

4. Book in a monthly session with Dietitian.

5. Join a local gym with a workout partner.

5. I Do Not Have A Healthy Mindset!

1. Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

2. Exercise can help reduce stress so that’s even more reason to start exercising.

3. Often, the hardest part is starting!

4. As you improve your health and fitness the more motivated you will become.

5. Improving your health and fitness will also improve your mind!

6. Keep it simple and start with a short workout of 10 minutes.

I am Here to Help You!
6. I am Too Busy Looking after My Family!

1. Be active with your children when they go bike riding or playing at the park.

2. If you have very small children, push their pram around your local park.

3. Your deserve time to look after yourself!

4. The healthier and happier you are the happier your family will be!

7. I Am Too Tired!

1. Learn to prioritise your time and work out in the morning before you feel too tired.

2. We all lead busy lives these days and exercising will help boost your energy levels.

3. Exercise will also help improve your quality of sleep.

4. Initially, exercising may make you feel tired but in the long run it will give you more energy to take on life.

8. I Have An Injury Preventing Me From Working Out!

1. Work with your physio or doctor to identify forms of exercise you can do.

2. PregActive workouts are low to non-impact so are much better than running.

3. Swimming is a great form of exercise if you have to avoid high impact exercises.

4. Seek medical advice from your doctor or physiotherapist.

9. I Just Don't Like Exercise!

1. The goal is to find an activity, sport or form of exercise you do enjoy.

2. You do not have to exercise for an hour or more - start with a 20 minute workout.

3. Our PregActive workouts add variety to keep you motivated and avoid boredom.

4. Many women do not enjoy exercising or going to gyms so you are not alone.

5. PregActive provides unique video workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

10. I'm Too Overweight to Exercise!

1. Firstly, if you are excessively overweight consult your doctor for advice.

2. Start with a simple 5 - 10 minute workout and progress form there.

3. Even more reason and motivation to start exercising!

4. Find your mental strength to lose weight and not give in!

11. I Can't Afford A Personal Trainer!

1. If a PT is too expensive for you then join a group PT session.

2. Find a friend to exercise with you.

3. PregActive is designed to provide you with an affordable way to exercise. You get every program for only $19 a month.

12. I Can't Afford Fitness Equipment

1. Buying fitness equipment for your home gym can be very expensive.

2. Walking and swimming are two cheap or affordable ways to exercise.

3. Our PregActive programs do not require expensive gym equipment.

13. Buying Healthy Food is Too expensive for Me!

1. Fruit and vegetables can be quite reasonably priced at your local market.

2. You don't have to buy 'healthy food' at so-called expensive health food shops.

Prioritise YOU and You Will Lose Baby Weight

1. You are important so prioritise time for you.

2. Communicate this goal with your family so they know when you are exercising.

3. Set and then stick with your weight loss goal.

4. Remind yourself how important your weight loss goal is to your health and happiness.

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