7 Tips to Lose Baby Weight for Good

lose baby weight Sep 23, 2020

7 Tips to Lose Baby Weight for Good

Are you eating well and exercising but still gaining weight? If so, you are not alone and I can understand your frustration if you are trying to lose baby weight for good!

Losing baby weight can be a different experience for each person. Some women find weight loss after pregnancy easy, why others find it a tough battle.

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If you are truly following my Stronger Mama exercise program and eating well, then the next step is to delve deeper into why you are still gaining weight.

Before continuing, there are some medical and health issues that can be creating problems for you so it is always recommended to seek medical advice if you believe this is the case.

7 Habits to Help You Lose Baby Weight for Good

1. Avoid the calories in drinks

Many years ago I thought I was doing the right thing by drinking orange juice. I thought I was getting the vitamin C I needed. Little did I know that these drinks were full of sugar and unwanted calories. When you are thirsty, drink water!

2. Never shop on an empty stomach!

This is a saying you would have heard before and for good reason. It is hard to resist temptation when you are hungry and you are being presented with endless opportunities in a supermarket to buy a sugary item to satisfy your hunger.

First of all, the more sugar you eat the more you will want to eat so it won't satisfy your hunger. Secondly, if you stick to your shopping list them you will avoid those impulsive buys.

3. Do you eat when you are cooking?

Ever wondered why a lot of chefs find it hard to keep off the weight? As a part of their job they have to always taste the food they are cooking.

If you are constantly eating while cooking or eating any left-overs then this is contributing to your inability to lose weight. Make a conscious effort to not eat while cooking!

4. Know where the hidden calories are!

This is one of the biggest problems for people trying to lose weight. The main culprits are sauces and dressings as they are loaded with sugar.

5. Portion size is important!

If you eat too much food, even healthy food items, then you will gain weight. You should eat in moderation and pay attention to portion size. One tips is to reduce the size of your serving plate as we naturally fill-up the plate regardless of its size.

6. Are you constantly snacking?

We are programmed form an early age to have three main meals and have a morning snack followed by an afternoon snack. But are these snacks required? No!

If you can reduce your caloric intake by eliminating snacking from your daily routine then this will go a long way in helping you to lose weight.

7. Get up and Move!

There has been plenty of research published lately about the negative impact on our health of sitting too much. If you sit down at work or at home, you need to set reminders to get up every 20 minutes and move.

I know this will be dependent on the type of work you do, or your responsibilities and time availability at home, but get up and move when you can.

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