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Bradi's Stronger Mama Story

Bradi's Stronger Mama Story

Bradi is a mother of two, and just like many of us, struggles with the balance of finding time for her self amongst the life of raising two little humans. Here is Bradi's Stronger Mama story.

I first met Bradi when she came...

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How to Make Exercise after Childbirth a Habit

Exercise after Childbirth

If you want to exercise after childbirth, but are having difficulty staying committed to your weekly postpartum fitness plan, then this post will hopefully help you stay on track.

When you have a habit of exercising then you do...

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Megan's Story - Weight Loss Success Story as a Stronger Mama

Megan's Stronger Mama Story

I want to share a story from one of our amazing mamas who has been working out and losing baby weight with our Stronger Mama Challenge. I love it when we can change lives and as a mama myself, I get even more satisfaction...

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Gabi’s Stronger Mama Personal Story


Gabi's Stronger Mama Story

Gabi is an inspiration to us all. Setting her mind to the #StrongerMamaChallenge and going strong. It wasn't easy though, as it never is for us Mothers and finding that ‘me-time’.

Ready Gabi's story below as she...

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You Need a Plan to Lose Baby Weight for Good

lose baby weight Oct 26, 2020

How to Lose Baby Weight for Good!

If you have allowed your body to heal after pregnancy and you now have a goal to lose baby weight; then I want to help you lose this unwanted weight for good. I don't believe in fad diets. It's about creating a...

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Well Done Mamas! Amazing Start to Our Stronger Mama Challenge for October!

lose baby weight Oct 11, 2020

Well Done Mamas! Amazing Start to Our Stronger Mama Challenge for October!

I am so excited with the start to our October Stronger Mama Loss Challenge. It's not just for those wanting to lose weight! Its for all mamas wanting to get fit and strong...

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8 Things Stopping You From Losing Weight after Pregnancy

lose baby weight Oct 06, 2020

Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy is not easy. You are now a busy mama looking after your baby and we all know what that involves. But if you are trying to lose baby weight and not succeeding; then you may be able to achieve...

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Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge - Which is for You?


Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge?

With the exciting launch of my Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge we now have two postpartum programs ready to help you heal, recover and get fit. So which one is best suited to your current stage of postpartum...

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Emotional Eating and Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

lose baby weight Sep 29, 2020

Emotional Eating and Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

In this post I want to chat about the negative impact of emotional eating on post pregnancy weight gain.

Being a new mama is not easy. There are the sleepless night. The significant body changes we are...

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When I Lose Weight, Where Does the Fat Go?

lose baby weight Sep 28, 2020

When We Lose Weight Where Does the Fat Go?

Have you ever asked your personal trainer, weight loss specialist or instructor the following question: 'When we lose weight where does the fat go?'

I think you will be shocked to find that most people in...

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