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5 Recommended Exercises for Pregnancy

5 Recommended Exercises for Pregnancy

When it comes to Pregnancy Exercise and Postpartum Recovery Exercise, I'm you're go to person. I have over a decade of experience in helping pregnant women and new mothers achieve their health and fitness goals.


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Recommended Positions to Help Ease Back Pain in Third Trimester?

Question: What positions or movements would you recommend to help ease back pain in third trimester?

Answer from Kerryn - It's true, most women get some degree of back ache in pregnancy.

It's incredible how much the female body changes, and hey, when...

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Running Postpartum - Q&A with Kerryn

Running Postpartum - Q&A with Kerryn

Mama Question: Hi Kerryn, My bub's 6 months now and I'd like to get back into running. I'm halfway through the 28 day Pilates challenge. Could you recommend some exercises that would prepare my body for this?...

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Surviving Lockdown with a Toddler - Q&A with Kerryn

Surviving Lockdown with a Toddler

Question: Please help with some tips around motivation amidst mum life and lockdowns...!!! Thank you :)

From Kerryn

Here are my tips for surviving lockdown with a baby / toddler:

1. Have a plan. Within your day, have a...

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6 Months Postpartum Health Care Including Diastasis Recti

6 Months Postpartum Health Care Including Diastasis Recti

I know from first-hand experience having two children that being a mama comes with great rewards as well as plenty of expected and unexpected challenges. Today, I want to talk about 6 months...

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