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Self-Care for Mothers - My Story

parenting Mar 23, 2022

Self-Care for Mothers - My Story

So, my friend was organising her child's birthday party the other day, well to be fair it was a joint birthday party for two of her kids, so they organised a food truck.

And do you know what she said to me: 'Kerryn,...

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Mama, Jump Please!

parenting Mar 16, 2022

Mama, Jump Please!

'Mama, jump please!' are the exact words that came from my toddler as we bounced on the new trampoline.

His eyes looked at me as if to say, 'but Daddy does it, so I want you too do it too Mama'.

And it killed me.

I thought I could get...

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Being a Mother of Two - My Story

parenting Mar 09, 2022

Being a Mother of Two - My Story

How as a mother of two, who are both under two, do I fit in exercise with a toddler and new baby? Here I share my own personal journey of motherhood, and what works for me and what doesn't.

The juggle is real. Like,...

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Mama Guilt - My Personal Story

parenting Mar 03, 2022

Mama Guilt

Here I share with you some insights of my own motherhood journey, and how I overcome obstacles to still prioritise myself (even if it's only short!)

There are those moments where you have 'time' and you have to decide whether you shower for...

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