What if I didn’t Exercise before Pregnancy? Can I Exercise Now?

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What if I didn't Exercise before Pregnancy?

Didn't Exercise before Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not the time to start some extreme sport, contact sport, high impact activity or some new hot fitness fad that may cause you or your baby harm. So if you didn't exercise before pregnancy here is what you need to know.

First, Ask Your Doctor

Now you are pregnant you will be having your routine appointments with your health care professional. I want you to chat to your doctor about your interest in doing some prenatal exercises and let them know that you did not exercise before pregnancy.

By now, all doctors know about the health benefits of exercising throughout your pregnancy so I am sure they will encourage you to do so. The only reason they may recommend against it is if you have some medical condition that prevents you from doing so.


So Can I Workout if I didn't Exercise Before Pregnancy?

Staying active and moving during your pregnancy is recommended even if you were sedentary prior to getting pregnant.

Once given the all clear by your doctor, absolutely you should try to be a strong and fit mama. And this is where my advice comes into it - you must have trust in your instructor that they have had formal training to be a prenatal exercise instructor.

No matter where you live, if you decide to participate in a prenatal exercise class please be sure to check the qualifications of your instructor. ONLY join a class if the instructor has a prenatal exercise certificate or training in this specific area.


Quite simply because now you are pregnant there are some sports, exercises and activities that you must avoid as they can be potentially harmful to you and baby.

Listen to Your Body

The key is to pay attention to what your body is telling you and to keep your exercise at a moderate level. As you progress through each trimester you will notice significant body changes besides your growing belly.

You must listen to your body and stop trying to push the limits. Stop and rest if you need to.

Modify Your Workouts with Each Trimester

My prenatal workouts are designed to be low impact and take into account the ACOG recommendations for exercising during pregnancy. As your body changes throughout your pregnancy so should the exercises you do. You need to modify your workouts as you progress deep into the third trimester.

The greatest risk is actually 'inactivity' as it could lead to:

1. Gestational diabetes.

2. Excessive weight gain.

3. High blood pressure.

4. A higher risk for Cesarean section.

Be Guided by Your Doctor

While exercise during pregnancy is recommended you should always seek approval prior to starting a new program. There are some medical conditions that may prevent you from exercising. Your doctor may also give you specific instructions on how to exercise and the intensity.


I think it is great that you are wanting to exercise throughout your pregnancy especially if you didn't exercise before pregnancy. The benefits are endless and you will enjoy a speedier postpartum recovery.

Just check with your doctor first and start with beginner level classes. This is where my Prenatal Mobility workouts would be ideal for you.