Work-Life Balance as a Mother

parenting Jul 08, 2022

Work-Life Balance as a Mother

Today, I want to chat about Work-Life Balance as a Mother. I had it again today, the comment 'I don't know how you do it'. She was referring to running my own business and being a Mother of two young boys.

And to be honest, I don't know how I do it either.

Right now, as I sit to write. As I sit to start my work. It's 8.30pm on a Friday night.

The dishwasher is humming in the background, my two boys are sound asleep (for now!) and my husband is winding down after a big week.

When Max, my firstborn, was a baby we were in and out of lockdowns.

When he slept I had ample time to get what I needed done.

Now, with two and life being back to normal I'm lucky if I sit down for five minutes to myself in the day.

I have to focus on me in the day. And that means coming back to basics of eating, drinking water, getting out of my pjs, planning something in the day of chaos that means I get a walk in there too!

If I try and cram in as much work in as I can in the smallest snippets of time that I might have, it reflects on my parenting.

I end up frustrated and that ends up affecting my boys. So I just don't do it. There's no point. It would leave me feeling unfulfilled in both my parenting and business fields.

And so, I become a night owl a few nights a week and smash out what I need to do. And then take a small chunk of time out of the weekend or when someone else can mind the boys.

My time will come when I can work in the day again.

But that little pitter patter of my toddler down our hallway won't be there then.

The little glee smile of my baby when he sees me poke my head around the corner won't be there then.

They'll be bigger. They'll be more independent. They'll need me less.

And that's okay.

But right now, they need me.

This week has been extra hard as they've both been sick. Just a cold, but gosh, it's hard on them (and me!).

It got to Thursday and I changed the positions of the couches in our lounge room just so I could have some variety! So sad, but so true!

Rainy days with sick kids means that by the end of the week everyone is exhausted.

One thing I will say to any working Mama out there is…

Prioritise you, even just a little. Your health matters, because if you are sick, if you are rundown, it reflects on them. It affects them. It makes everything harder for you, and it's just not worth it.

I've had both boys coughing, sneezing and breathing their little germs on me all week and I've had to up my self-care so that I too don't get sick.

Because, as the saying goes, 'you'll miss it when it's gone'. And if your health goes, then it's all over. There's nothing more important than your health.

So take that with you, that reminder to look after you.

And know that you are doing the best job you can do.

Stay focused, and keep reminding yourself why you are doing what you do.

Recently my husband asked me why I do what I do and I said 'to help other Mamas that need me' and he said 'exactly'. He knew the answer already, he was asking the question to help remind me of the answer.

So that's what keeps me going. Helping you. Helping her. Helping all women through this incredible stage of life of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

I feel blessed to be living and breathing exactly what you are right now. I'm right there in the thick of it with you Mama, and for me, I feel that's only helped my focus more on providing what Mamas actually need.


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