Shannon's Amazing Third Birth - Must Read!

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Shannon's Amazing Third Birth Story

Shannon's Third Birth Story

I gave birth to a little boy who we have named Sebastian on Tuesday the 18th of April. What a wonderful surprise! I have been doing Pregactive ever since I was pregnant with my second child and went on to do the Core rehab and stronger Mama challenges afterwards. So I came into this third pregnancy feeling strong and well.

Not sure where to begin but I was 10 days "overdue" then going on 11 when this bub was born. I had some prelabour warm ups in the days leading up but nothing that stuck.

On the Sunday, I decided I would go in for a cervical check and stretch and sweep. I didn't feel comfortable doing this before this point. I found out that I was 3-4cm dilated. The sweep was not uncomfortable because I was already so dilated.

A doctor also checked my placenta and baby in birth suite and all was well. This all raised my spirits that bub would come soon. Anyway Monday came and I decided to do a few natural induction methods.

I also did some PregActive Yoga that Evening.

I was booked for an induction on the Wednesday and really wanted to avoid that.

As I was lying down to go to sleep that night I felt this pop type feeling (10.45pm). I wondered if my waters had broken but nothing came out. I stood up and that's when they started leaking.

I rang my midwife and was asked to come in. We also rang my student midwife to let her know. I hadn't had any contractions yet but as soon as I hung up the phone they started.

We headed to the hospital, my midwife checked my waters in birth suite and they were clear. I had positive GBS after two swabs this pregnancy so I consented to being given antibiotics.

I was having contractions pretty regularly by this point.

I wanted to go home after the antibiotics were done. The doctor was really positive and encouraging saying to me that 'I was the boss' so if I want to go home I can, it's my decision.

My midwife didn't want me to go home, I think she knew it was happening rather quickly and she said after she was worried about shoulder dystocia. If you read my previous birth story, my first son’s shoulders became stuck when he was being born so there was a increased risk of this occurring in this birth.

After two previous long labours, I thought I was in for the long haul and I was feeling so tired by this point (it was 1am) so we headed home to "rest".

Well that was a big joke, because the contractions just continued to ramp up at home.

I could not lie down at all but just sit and use heat packs and my TENS machine through each wave. It got to 3am and while I was just taking it moment by moment, my husband Harrison decided we needed to go back to the hospital.

It took him a little bit to get me to go but once I had a small break in contractions I ran to the car. I don't think Harrison has ever driven so fast. I was very grateful we only live 10 minutes away from the hospital because as we got to the carpark I had this massive contraction and urge.

Thankfully there was this random wheelchair in the hospital carpark and I got in it and Harrison raced me inside. I was pretty vocal by this point but didn't really care.

I had done a lot of the PregActive birth prep and knew that vocalisation and breathing can be really helpful during labour.


I also closed my eyes which helped me to stay in my birthing brain. We went to the birth suite, straight to the room I had previously been in. Harrison knew exactly what I wanted with this birth and that was not to be on the bed like my previous births, so he had a gym mat out on the floor. I landed there on all fours with my head resting on my husbands leg and didn't move from there.

Harrison talked with the midwife on duty to make our requests heard. This meant there were no cervical checks and no electronic fetal monitoring. Just the doppler and some gas and air. Even then, I threw it away because I needed to breathe and push with my body. There was no coached pushing.

My midwife only just made it back in time. My student midwife didn't even make it in time for the birth. After about 40 mins, I birthed my 4.22 kg baby boy in all fours. Baby came out without any assistance and so did his shoulders!!! My midwife got me to put one leg up after his head was out to assist with the shoulders and they were out in 2 minutes.

My body did it, I did it, my baby did it.

I just went with my body and what it was telling me to do. I couldn't believe it when he came out of me and I was so proud of myself. I am capable! It was the best feeling. We did delayed cord clamping, something I missed out on with my first two.

I did have a tear which took some stitching up but I honestly didn't feel it happen, I thought I was intact.

My recovery from this birth has been so good. I am really enjoying soaking up the newborn cuddles. And my husband Harrison is in awe of me. He has said that to lots of people.

I am very grateful for this healing birth and for how Kerryn and her PregActive program supports mamas in being healthy and strong for birth.

I really enjoyed doing my exercise each day and I do wonder if that yoga I did not long before my waters broke did the trick!


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