Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

In this post I want to chat about the negative impact of emotional eating on post pregnancy weight gain. Postpartum weight gain can occur because of various reasons. From being fatigued to an underlying health condition such as postpartum thyroiditis, diabetes, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

Being a new mama is not easy. There are the sleepless night. The significant body changes we are dealing with as our body heals and recovers. The feeling of being overwhelmed, unsure of what we are doing is right. And so much more.

I want to start by saying 'please be kind to yourself' during your postpartum recovery. When you are ready, and only after your body has healed, should you start to consider starting a more intense program to lose baby weight.

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is when someone tends to eat more during a time in their life when they feel stressed, sad or over-tired.

Or one of many other emotions that lead to unnecessary over-eating.

There is often a 'trigger' that leads to over-eating such as stress, sadness or loneliness.

Emotional eating often causes us to eat the same unhealthy food options such as chocolate, ice cream, high sugar sweets or that big bag of chips.

After over-eating, then the guilt can set-in as you feel like you have let yourself down and this will again result in eating even more.

Factors Causing Postpartum Weight Gain

1. Excess weight gain during pregnancy.

2. Obesity increases risk for postpartum weight retention.

3. If you quit smoking while pregnant and don't begin smoking again postpartum you are at a higher risk of retaining weight.

4. Suffering from postpartum fatigue can cause weight at one year after giving birth.

5. Being a new mom means that you have less time for self-care.

Are You Over-Eating Due to an Emotional Reason?

Take a moment to look back at the food you have eaten over the past week or two and see if any of your poor food choices were at times when you were experiencing one of these emotions.

Also, have a look to see if you ate more during this time.

By making yourself aware of the fact that you do eat more when emotional, will help you in the future to implement some strategies to avoid binge eating.

What 'Triggers' You to Over-Eat?

The 'trigger' for over-eating can be different for each person. It is vital you identify what your 'trigger' is and to find a healthier alternative to handling this emotion than turning to food.

Post Pregnancy Weight Gain Action Plan

What emotion is causing you to turn to over-eating - is it stress, loneliness or a sense of being over-whelmed?

Are you feeling over-whelmed as a new mama? Your are not alone let me tell you! That's pretty much all of us as our life is turned upside down as our beautiful little baby demands our attention day and night.

So What to Do?

Plan in advance a solution for handling this ’emotion’ instead of turning to food.

It could be to go for a walk, do a yoga class, watch a movie or go out. It's about removing yourself from the temptation to go and grab that unhealthy snack that always seems to be right in front of you as you look in the pantry.

Action Steps to Stop Unnecessary Post Pregnancy Weight Gain

1. Remove temptation by clearing out your pantry to avoid spontaneous emotional eating

2. Maintain a good supply of healthy (and delicious) food items in your fridge or pantry.

3. Choose a healthier option such as a homemade pizza instead of a take-away pizza.

4. Identify when you are feeling down so you can implement your strategies before they control you.

5. If you find yourself over-eating when at home, try to get outside and be active.

And be sure to participate in our 28 Day Stronger Mama Challenge which is specifically designed to help you lose weight post pregnancy in a safe and effective manner. No fad diet. Just good old working it out!

And remember - if you are still healing and recovering after pregnancy then my Core Rehab for Mamas may be a better option for you.

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