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About Kerryn - Fun Facts About Me!

This is Me!

It feels a little odd saying 'Hi, my name's Kerryn' but with new mamas coming into our PregActive community on a daily basis, it's important that you all know who I am.

So here's some fun facts about me.

❁ I always wanted to be a dietitian, but found my true passion in Exercise in my Exercise and Sport Science Degree.

❁ I don't drink coffee, and living in Melbourne people look at me like 'who the hell are you?'

❁ I have a beautiful 11-month old son called Max and he's my best little buddy.

❁ I could talk 'pelvic floor' or 'ab separation' for hours. Don't get me started!

❁ My birthday is in the middle of winter and as a kid it ALWAYS rained, so I'm stoked Max has a summer birthday.

❁ I love food. Like so much. I couldn't tell you my fav, because there's so many. But give me some warm bread, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and I will eat it F O R E V E R.

❁ I started PregActive well before I was pregnant (like 10 years before I fell pregnant with Max)

❁ I'd love to have 2 or 3 kiddies.

❁ My body is ever changing and I'm always adapting to listen to it. The biggest change has certainly been the pregnancy and postpartum journey and the best thing I've done is listen to my body through the whole journey.

❁ I love Motherhood more than I could have imagined.

❁ I love helping women achieve their goals.

❁ I can't remember the last book I read every word cover to cover. I always skim ahead and never finish it.... except kids books. I totally nail them, in less than five minutes flat!!

❁ There's more to life than working out, but it certainly helps boost those feel good endorphins.

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