Pregactive Has Had A Complete Makeover

pregactive news Aug 24, 2020

PregActive Has Had A Complete Makeover

You spoke, and we heard you. Our priority is and always will be looking after the health and wellbeing of our amazing PregActive mamas. And our new website has a fresh new look that provides members with complete unlimited access to all of our prenatal + postpartum fitness programs.

While you've been busy working on your health and fitness, I've been transforming PregActive into the best online platform for pregnant women and mamas. So, do you want to know what new and exciting things we have got in for you? Of course, you do!

What's different?

I've put PregActive through an intense review based on the feedback we have received over the past year. I love feedback as it allows me to continue making improvements to our programs and as I hoped; it has come out the other side looking better than ever!

I am so excited to be bringing you a huge list of brand new features, as well some improvements that you've always wanted and here are a few of my faves!

A brand new fresh website and as well as my FIRST EVER app that's right you can now download my APP from the Apple or Google Play store.

Navigation is improved and no longer do you need to go to different websites to access your prenatal and postpartum programs, they are now all together on one website.

I’ve even got new features to help make PregActive a truly personalised experience. You can MARK COMPLETE your workouts and all content so you can track your progress.

We have our very own community on our website that is a great way to connect, support and chat with fellow mamas.

You have your own personal account making it easier for you to manage your personal information, membership details and more.

We are there with you as you transition form pregnancy to your postpartum recovery. It's all right there for immediate access.

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Greater choice of workouts based on class type, intensity and duration.

We have made PregActive more affordable. We want to reach as many women in need of improving their own health and well-being and one way of doing that is to provide access for one low price. Now, you can gain complete unlimited access for less than $5 a week! 

Have My Workouts Changed?

They have only got better. I honestly believe when it comes to pregnancy your workouts must be safe, effective and be designed to accommodate your body changes throughout each trimester.

I have prenatal workouts that allow you to choose your preferred class including:

As a new mama, my Core Rehab program is now the most guided program to ensure you re-gain trust in your body again to function the way you want it to postpartum.

What else is happening?

Everything you love about PregActive is about to get better – making it even easier for you to get results when preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and as a new mama looking to regain your confidence.

I've got more updates coming, so keep an eye on your inbox, check-in with the PregActive in my Facebook community and stay across my Instagram we are here for you!


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