7 Best Labor and Birthing Positions - Using a Chair


7 Best Labor and Birthing Positions - Using a Chair

I recently published a post on the best birth positions using cushions. Now I want to share with you the 7 best labor and birthing positions using a chair.

Movement in these positions with the support of a chair can help to relax your mind and body in preparation and during labor. I used them to have a natural, drug-free labor and quick birth of my baby boy and I want to share them with you too.

These birth preparation poses can be done using a stable chair or the side of the bed or couch.

Making sure you feel safe and relaxing into each pose is key.

It's also important to practice these before going into labor so you are familiar with them and can choose which ones you would like in labor.

I used many of these throughout my labor and especially in early labor when at home. I used the dining room table and the kitchen bench to lean on rather than a chair, and it worked for me. I set myself up a yoga mat on the floor next to the couch so I could kneel down and feel supported with my knees.

My Birth Preparation Program

As part of my Birth Prep Program I detail for you how you can go into birth feeling strong, empowered and informed.

I have been teaching women theses techniques for years, and used them in my own incredible drug-free natural labor.

In this post I will detail for you how you can use a chair (or couch) and then using just the support of cushions or, just YOU!

7 Best Labor and Birthing Positions

for You and Baby using a Chair

1. Supported Kneeling

Focusing on deep slow breaths here. Having something under your knees to support can be helpful. Relax and focus on your breathing, whilst trying to let your weight drop into the support of the chair.

2. Chair Hip Circles

Conserving energy is so important, particularly in that early stage of labor. These movements help with the hips and the back and your progression through labor. Movement is key in labor, but slow controlled movement where you don't expend too much of your energy is what you want.

3. Chair Child's Pose

Resting down in a supported child's pose. You may find you just drop into this on the side of the bed, but personally I find a harder surface like the chair or even a couch helps to settle the nervous system when you gently press your forehead onto the edge.

4. Supported Forward Fold Using Chair

Just simply having your hands on the chair and leaning back can help take the weight off your back. This can also be done on the edge of the chair.

5. Pedaling in forward fold

This is great for the hips and assisting the progression of your labor. Again, movement is key in those early stages particularly. Get yourself into a rhythm with this and it will help. Some music might help you wit this, be sure to check out my Birth Prep Music Playlist

6. Supported squat.

Pressing your forehead against the hard surface of the chair can help settle the nervous system. I used this in the shower in the hospital, holding onto the bars in the shower and dropping down into the squat and coming up again. I felt a needs to be lower and this support helped me do this. The water on my back from the shower was blissful too.

7. Supported forward fold on a chair supported by cushions

Trying not to slouch on the couch can be hard, especially later in your pregnancy. But trust me, it's not good for you to slouch. Not good for you, your back or the position of your baby.

Slouching encourages posterior positioning of your baby, and you do not want your baby to be in posterior position. Ask any mother who has endured 'back labor' with baby' spine against your spine. It can be painful and best avoided.

Every woman deserves to go into birth feeling strong, empowered and informed. This is key to owning your birth experience. It's what I did and what I teach my PregActive Mama's to do. And I'm here to help you too.

Because I believe you are totally going to own your birthing experience and transition into motherhood with a positive memory of the day your baby arrived into the world.

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