Christina’s Story at 12 weeks Post-Birth

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Christina's Story at 12 Weeks Post-Birth

Christina's Story at 12 Weeks Post-Birth

I'm really grateful for the opportunities I've been given. I have a great Mother’s group and a gorgeous little baby boy that I just adore.

But not every day is easy. And mostly, there are parts of each day that are challenging.

Like the morning I was feeling super organised and ready to leave the house when I went to put Jack into the capsule and he vomited all over himself, me and the capsule all in one go.

Not the best start to the day, and just another addition to the loads of washing.

The biggest thing I would say to other Mothers out there is to talk.

I’m blessed with a great Mothers group and understanding friends & family, but I know not everyone is. Being slightly proactive (even though it’s hard when you’re sleep deprived & exhausted) and saying yes to opportunities and putting yourself out there helps.

I found Kerryn and the PregActive community via a physio recommendation and it's just rolled on from there.

Getting out and about is hard, especially on those vomit mornings, but I’m always so glad to be there, even if it means I'm late - at least we made it!

I think the thing with exercise is we do it for our body, but really it's so amazing for our mental and emotional health.

We do take for granted the ease of leaving the house pre-bub. And some days I don't make it outside, and that's ok too.

I'm not on Facebook, but it hasn't excluded me from my Mother's group and it's also helped me not to scroll through the feed and constantly compare myself to other Mums who look like they have it all together.

Because we all know, no one truly has it all together, all of the time!

I have an amazing partner who would do anything for Jack and I, but sometimes it's hard for him to fully understand the day to day challenges of being a first time mum.

Knowing I'm not alone, and feeling part of a supportive community has really helped me. We're at the 12 week mark now and I just loving being a mum.

I find myself looking forward to Jacks next milestones, but at the same time not wanting him to grow up too fast just yet!

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