You are NOT Alone Mama!

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You are NOT Alone Mama!

You are NOT Alone Mama!

This month it mental health awareness month, and what better timing. I feel like we've all had a mini meltdown at some point across the past 18 months.. and it's always important to keep the following in mind as helpful tips to get you feeling on top of things again.

As mothers (or Mamas-to-be) it’s hard. And for many of us, we haven't been able to connect in person as much as we normally would.

You are doing great, remember that.

I'm right there with you, the last few weeks have been tough. But these 10 tips have helped me, so hopefully they will help you too.

1. Stay Active

Exercise increases wellbeing and helps reduce symptoms of common mental health concerns. You're gym may have closed, but it’s okay, we have everything you need in our Online PregActive Studio.

2. Eat Well

Eating a well balanced nutritious diet is great for both your physical and mental health, it will give you that energy boost you need.

3. Connect with Others

Right now, social connection is more important than ever. When many of us face lockdown, physical distancing, and travel restrictions, we may need to rely on technology to talk to our friends and family - but keep it up! Call a friend and have a chat, it’s important for both of you.

4. Do Something You Enjoy Each Day

It doesn't have to be much, but something small and simple that makes you feel physically and emotionally good is going to help so much.

5. Limit Media Consumption

I hardly watch the news, because mostly it's negative. Maybe switch off for a while, from news or socials. You might need a break and not even realise.

6. Keep to a Routine

It will help you more than you know to keep to your regular routine as much as possible. This includes your exercise, sleep, recreational activities, connecting with others and even chores.

7. Get an Early Night

You may want to stay up late, but it's not going to help you. Prioritise getting enough sleep each night to help you feel more energised and focused during the day, it's going to help you protect your mental health.

8. Be Kind to Yourself

This is a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. Give yourself extra grace if your productivity and motivation have been impacted lately.

9. Maintain Perspective

Right now try to focus on openness and acceptance. Write down what you are grateful for and focus on that today, rather than what you are missing or resentful for.

10. Seek Help

Even if you have never felt you needed support, you may need some now. It's normal to experience anxiety and stress, and talking through with a friend or professional can really help.