Tips to Birth with Confidence with Rhea Dempsey

birth prep podcasts Oct 31, 2021

Tips to Birth with Confidence with Rhea Dempsey

When you think of birth, do you immediately think of pain? Do you think of a negative experience? Well then you need to listen to this amazing interview I had with Rhea Dempsey.

Not only is Rhea a childbirth educator, doula, author, speaker and birth advocate, she is a forward thinker with it comes to childbirth.

She advocates for normal physiological birth, and as we talk about the different type of pain, and birth being a very functional pain compared to a pathological pain.

Rhea encourages women to explore and reflect on what they want from the pregnancy and birthing experience and provides guidance about how to navigate the 'maternity system' and the birthing process and their journey into motherhood.

She's real and honest and has a holistic and woman-centred approach.

Her aim is to prepare women who want a normal physiological birth to become what she calls 'savvy willing woman'.

As we talk about surrounding yourself with the right supportive team who can help you through your 'crisis of confidence.'

Rhea identifies distinct pain attitudes in the pregnant woman and also in the practitioners working with birthing women, and how all of this affects the possibility of the woman having a normal physiological birth.

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