Start Celebrating Your Small Daily Wins!

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Start Celebrating Your Small Daily Wins

Start Celebrating Your Small Daily Wins!

Do you punish yourself for failing to do something right? Not doing your workout? Not completing a daily chore that needed to be done?

You see, we often seem to punish ourselves with guilt for bad behavior. It doesn’t matter how small the screw-up was, we still seem to be critical or feel guilty.

Do you celebrate that?

Do you feel bad about making a small mistake?

But what about when you accomplish a small goal.

Do you feel good about it and commend yourself?

Probably not.

We always seem quick to punish ourselves for a bad performance and yet we don't celebrate a good performance.

I want YOU to start celebrating small achievements each day.

Starting right now!
Did YOU?

1. Do your workout today? Awesome!

2. Take five minutes out of your busy day to rest and relax? Yes!

3. Complete a required task? Great!

4. Call a friend in need? Well done!

5. Mark 'Complete' your workout on this week's module? That's something to celebrate!

Here's Why You Should Celebrate Small Wins

If you don't celebrate, reward yourself, or be kind to yourself when you achieve something- then your motivation will take a big hit!

You will be more likely to quit.

And that makes it much harder to achieve your long-term goal with recovery.

How Does Celebrating Work?

When you accomplish, or complete something; this success activates the reward circuitry of your brain.

The result is that some key chemicals are released which give you a feeling of achievement and pride.

I can relate to that.

Can you?

Did you feel good after doing a workout, completing a task, fixing something, eating a healthy meal instead of some junk food?

What has happened is that the neurotransmitter 'dopamine' is released.

This energizes you.

It enables you to get that sense of reward.

It also drives you to take action to move toward what triggered it's release in the first place.

In other words, you want that feeling again so you will be more motivated to do it again.

To Do that workout. Eat healthy food. Complete that task.

It’s Not Easy to Celebrate Small Wins

But I Want You top Start Doing it Now!

I get it, you feel silly celebrating an effort that doesn't seem like an achievement.

Why celebrate completing a workout?

Why celebrate completing your pelvic floor exercises?

Why celebrate getting all of the laundry done?

Here's What You're Actually Doing

You are not celebrating because you achieved something huge or significant.

You're celebrating because you are on your way to successfully changing your habits.

You are celebrating because you are doing something positive for yourself.

You're celebrating because each time you do, you increase your motivation to keep doing it!

Little Achievements Lead to Big Achievements

We know when we have achieved a significant life-changing achievement.

Paying off the mortgage. Graduating from college. Re-gaining your health after childbirth. Getting back tot a healthy weight.

These BIG achievements come as a result of you daily, small actions in the right direction.

From now on, I want you to be less critical of yourself. And to start celebrating your small wins!

You deserve to feel good. Be rewarded.

And know you are well on your way to re-gaining your body confidence and attaining a healthy mindset.

Your health and wellbeing matters - you are in control and I am here to help you!