Pregnancy Announcement, Baby Number Two Due November

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Pregnancy Announcement, Baby Number Two Due November

Pregnancy Announcement ...

We are having a baby and we are due November 2021!

So very excited to announce we are pregnancy with baby number two! Max is going to be a big brother and we're turning from a family of three to a family of four!

I honestly don't know what I'm more excited about:

- Having a new baby to love and to hold, or;

- Seeing Max with his little sibling to love and to hold (but most likely to prod and poke)

If bub decides to come near to our due date, Max and bub will be 22 months apart. Which right now seems doable, right?

We are just so blessed and I'm forever grateful that we fell pregnant with relative ease.

Being pregnant, is actually the most incredible miracle. 

The fact that, right now, I have a baby the size of a lemon in my belly is incredible. And that the scans make it look so much bigger than the tiny little size it is!

Finding out was so funny, I was literally washing the dishes and all of a sudden my boobs felt funny. Like "I'm pregnant and have hormones racing through my body" kind of funny.

So I did a pregnancy test and BOOM...

Two lines appeared.


I sat there staring at them for a good full minute. I looked and then looked back again, just to check I wasn't seeing things.

I got so giddy inside and prepped a cute little surprise to tell my husband the great news.

He was wrapped. Max couldn't care less! He had no idea and still doesn't!

I did have a scare though. Like a really big scare.

At week 12 I had a bleed and cramps and went to the doctors for them to say all seems okay. Immediately I bought forward my 12-week scan from the Saturday to the Wednesday, because the time between Tuesday (having the bleed) and Saturday was an eternity.

I am forever grateful that I moved it forward to 3pm on the Wednesday.

Because at 2pm Wednesday I had a massive bleed.

There was so much blood I actually thought I was having a miscarriage right then and there.

It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I was so upset.

My mind immediately went to worst case scenario and although it was only an hour from the bleed until going in for the scan, it too felt like eternity.

The good news is that baby is completely safe.

There was a pool of blood that had formed outside of the placenta and the sac the baby is enclosed in.

Of course this has a super long medical name that when said a thousand times I still wouldn't remember it.

All it meant to me when explained was that our baby was safe and we have happy news.

And as much as I'm so excited, I'm actually more grateful than I am any other emotion.

I am completely grateful to be pregnant and to be growing a miracle.

And Max, well, he's going to be the best big brother, even though he has no idea it's all happening before the end of the year!

To anyone who has ever experienced pregnancy loss, I had a glimpse of the pain you have had to suffer.

I want you to know that I have spoken with so many women going through what you have and I felt a need to create a 'Gentle Exercise after Miscarriage' program as part of our Online PregActive Studio to help women in this time.

And for those currently in planning stages of pregnancy, I'd highly recommend watching this 'Your Fertility Window - Knowing Your Fertile Days'.

It's so important to note that although the 'typical' day of ovulation or the 'average' day of ovulation does not necessarily mean you will ovulate on that day of your cycle.'

Tuning in and listening to your body and the 'season' you're in (watch the above video to get what I mean by season) at that time is so important. In the month we got pregnant with this baby, I felt I was ovulating at day 9.

Even when I went for the bloods with the doctor at day 26 (which by the way I peed on the stick on day 25 and got a positive result) the doctor said to me "Oh, no it's too early, you can't be pregnant yet."

But I was pregnant.

And still am!

And I'm so happy to be sharing our wonderful news with you.

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