Postpartum Hair Loss and Collagen

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Postpartum Hair Loss and Collagen

Postpartum Hair Loss and Collagen

I've just hit the three month postpartum mark, and this is where last time, with my firstborn.. I felt like I was going bald. So, today I want to chat about postpartum hair loss and collagen.

You see, in pregnancy, my hair was luscious.

Thick, bouncy and perfect.

It added to my pregnancy glow, although I didn't realise how much I love it, until it was gone.

Let's blame the hormones. Because they have a lot to answer for when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum body changes.

And unfortunately, it does mean that postpartum all that extra hair that I didn’t lose in pregnancy came falling out in postpartum.

I expected it though. I know it was a 'thing'. But I did not realise the extent of it.
I didn't realise my hair would feel strawy.

It would look faded and brittle and, not matter how much conditioner I used, the softness and bounce was gone. And in that time, to me, it felt like it was gone forever.

So, this time around, I made a choice.

To invest in me and my hair, because I didn't want that same feeling again.

And so I did. I researched and found the best collagen (link to) and have been taking in pregnancy through the early weeks and months postpartum.

Not only is my hair feeling better, my skin and nails are feeling good too.
My hair is still falling out, but nowhere near as much as last time, and I'm not feeling defeated by those postpartum hormones.

Months three to four postpartum were the worst for me last time and so I'm ready. I'm conscious of the changes and I'm consistent with my self-care routine to help me get through this time.

Because this was also the time where I felt like my belly should have been smaller and I should have been feeling stronger. That was me the first time around. I’d almost go and say the 'naive me'.

Because time is my friend.

And I need to allow the time to heal.

Each and every day I feel stronger. But I can't let my ego get in the way and think 'oh I'm ready to do anything now'.

It wasn't until 5 months postpartum I felt the big shift last time, and so I'm going to be focused for the next two months on staying consistent.

My core workouts are short. I do them whilst my toddler runs around me and my baby stares up at me smiling after a feed.

Often I'm still in my Pjs, and that's okay.

As long as I get it done.

As long as I have that 8-minutes to myself, then I know I'm on track.

I don't weigh myself. I hardly take selfies. I am not looking for flaws. I am not wishing away my postpartum time with my new baby.

I am being real.

And adding the collagen into my supplement schedule has been a game changer for me, especially now in this postpartum recovery phase.

I'm writing this, because if there's a Mama out there that had no idea collagen can help in the postpartum recovery (not just the hair, but the body as a whole after birth), then I'm here to say, from my experience, it has.

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