Your New Career in Prenatal Fitness Starts TODAY!

prenatal fitness certification
Your New Career in Prenatal Fitness Starts TODAY!

Your New Career in Prenatal Fitness Starts Today!

I started teaching fitness classes over twenty years ago. I was a qualified yoga and Pilates teacher. But my most rewarding career started when i learned how to safely train pregnant women. And for the past fifteen years I have been training pregnant moms both in studio classes and also online.

Many years ago, I started to get requests from personal trainers on how to train pregnant women. And I soon realized that there was no formal training being offered in these online personal training courses for instructing pregnant women.

So I soon started on my mission to get more qualified prenatal fitness trainers available for pregnant mamas. This lead to my in-studio work shops which then lead to my online prenatal fitness instructor course that is endorsed by health professionals from around the world.


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