Positive Childbirth Story + Natural Childbirth Tips with NO Epidural

birth preparation Aug 29, 2023
Positive Childbirth Story + Natural Childbirth Tips with NO Epidural

Today I want to share with you my Positive Childbirth Story + Natural Childbirth Tips with NO Epidural. Every mama has a different experience when it comes to their labor.

At PregActive we are inclusive of every choice when it comes to childbirth. My goal is to educate every mama so they have an empowered and positive birth experience no matter what they choose.

Positive Childbirth Story + Natural Childbirth Tips with NO Epidural

Every pregnant woman needs to be inspired by positive birth stories. Because you CAN have an empowering, positive birth experience.

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Natural Childbirth Tips

Today the term "natural birth" is an outdated. It is often used to refer to an unmedicated vaginal delivery with minimal interventions. For mamas who choose this type of childbirth, going medication-free can offer the potential of reduced need for other interventions.

I know so many women search for Natural Childbirth Stories to hear about positive Vaginal Birth Stories. I work with too many postpartum Mamas who have guilt of having a c-section, and I'm here to help empower all women, with all birth experiences.

Every birth is natural and unique. They can also be planned or expected. Even if you choose to have an unmedicated birth, it might not happen due to unforeseen complications.


In this video "Positive Childbirth Story + Natural Childbirth Tips with NO Epidural" I share with you my own Positive Birth Story of my firstborn.

I believe all births are incredible, as long as the Mother feels that her birth is positive. It doesn't matter if you have drugs or interventions or you don't. If you can own your birth experience, that's what matters.

I used all of my PregActive Birth Skills I detail in my Ultimate Birth Preparation Course and had no need for drugs or interventions at all.

This is a birth story with no epidural, no induction. Just me, my husband, my midwife and my baby all working together.

It was beautiful and I'm happy to be sharing it with you.

If you are also wanting a vaginal birth or looking for positive hospital birth stories, then watch this.

Positive Childbirth with No Epidural

If you want tips for a positive birth without epidural, then I'm here to help. You will be amazed at the cocktail of hormones your body produces in the birthing process to help manage pain. I go through this in detail in my Birth Preparation Course.

I would love to hear from you about your Birth Experience if you feel like sharing. Please keep in mind this is a safe space for pregnant women and new mothers and no shaming with be tolerated. Let's all work together to help inspire other women to also have a positive birth experience.

I also share my second birth story and how I avoided a third degree tear.

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