Mama Guilt - My Personal Story

Mama Guilt - My Personal Story

Mama Guilt

Here I share with you some insights of my own motherhood journey, and how I overcome obstacles to still prioritise myself (even if it's only short!)

There are those moments where you have 'time' and you have to decide whether you shower for the day, go to the toilet alone, eat something in peace, lie down (even though you'll have to get back up again sooner than you want to) or go and do some exercise for yourself.

And in the end you get out your phone and doom scroll on socials.

It's a killer.

Because sometimes actually making a decision is too hard for your brain cells, and doing something for you seems way to much effort.

1. It's the late texts back to your girlfriends days after they texted you.

2. The lack of time you have for your partner, even though before kids you were inseparable.

3. It's the divide of attention between the kids if you have more than one.

4. The absolute lack of 'me-time' that you so very much crave.
It's all of it.

And trying to chose one over another, makes you feel guilty.

It shouldn't, but it does.

Mama Guilt My Story

And you're not alone. I'm there with you – as are thousands of other Mamas.

As much as we strive to be the best, it comes with a price. We are setting the bar too high and setting ourselves up for failure.

Perfection is not the aim.

Don't be perfect, be good enough.

Because perfect in Motherhood doesn't exist.

She's not. You know, 'her'. The other Mother that you find yourself comparing yourself to. Whether you know her, or she's just another blogger on socials filling her feed with perfect squares.

She's not perfect. She's probably more insecure that you are with everything, just not showing it out loud.

So the point is, be kind;

To yourself and to others.

Be there. Be soft. Be that place your little ones can come to when they need you. 

We have a saying in our household:

'How do you eat an elephant?'

And the answer?

One. Bite. At. a Time.

This is how, at the end of the day, when every room is a mess, we clean up.

One room at a time.

And it breaks it down. Once one room is done, there is a small feeling of satisfaction.

It's the same with any task. Don't get overwhelmed with how big the end result is.

Take it one step at a time.

Because, Mama, you've got this.

So, whatever you're dwelling on right now. Whatever has caused this Mama guilt for you. Acknowledge it, and get over it.

Because you don't need that clogging up your head space.

Here's a take home tip for you:

Choose three things to achieve in a day, everything else is bonus.;

It could be as simple as:

1. Read one chapter of my book

2. Buy a hat online for my son

3. Go for a walk

Whatever you choose your three things to be, make them happen. And everything else is a bonus.

And my final tip?

Don't doom scroll. Have a screen free day. It will clear your head, trust me.

So Mama, remember, you are good enough. Not perfect, but hey, no one is!