My Birth Story by Kerryn - The Beginning (Part 1)

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My Birth Story by Kerryn

My Birth Story by Kerryn - The Beginning (Part 1)

I love it when we get to hear real world pregnancy stories and birth stories from our amazing PregActive mamas. And now I want to share with you my own birth story. This is Part 1 of 3 posts.

The Beginning

My drug free quick labour was everything I could have hoped for. It was amazing and empowering and I'm so proud to say all my preparation paid off.

Using the PregActive Birth Skills I've taught hundreds of women were exactly what I needed to help me.

And the reward of meeting my little baby boy and having so much energy to enjoy him after he arrived, was just the best. I was on the high of love, and love him I do.

My Birth Story

Here's the story of how it all happened..

Yep, my waters broke in the middle of a yoga class.

It's true. My waters broke right in the middle of a yoga class, lucky I wasn't teaching!

Before I get into how that happened, let's start from the start. It was Monday morning, the 27th of January 2020 and I woke to some extra 'stuff' on my night pad.

Discharge is normal through pregnancy and so wearing a night pad had become just part of the routine.

But this morning it was different.

My mucus plug had started to show.

Now for many women, this still means days to go until they meet their little one, so I didn't want to get my hopes up too high.

Instead, I said to my husband, 'I better not go swimming today'. Our plan was he would go to the gym and I'd go to yoga and then we'd meet at the warm pool afterwards.

The risk of infection once your mucus plug has come out is high, so water wasn't a good idea. But I LOVE my yoga instructor and the rejuvenating class that it is, so I thought yoga was still a good idea, boy was I wrong!

Watch this Video on Birthing Ball Exercises

Intensive core class, no thank you!

As I enter the yoga room at 11.30am the atmosphere was different. It wasn't the regular instructor. As I introduced myself to the new instructor she said, 'how many weeks are you?' Given I was 39 + 5 days I said 'pretty much 40 weeks'.

Her eyes popped out of her head and I could sense the panic as she said I've planned a intensive core focus class, you can still stay if you want to? I reassured her I was a prenatal yoga instructor myself, so I'd just modify.

The other participants joked that I 'just need to make it through the hour class' and 'is there a midwife in the room?' I smiled and nodded and then found child's pose to politely say 'please be quiet, I'm just here to relax'.

And the class started.

I closed my eyes and went into my zone. Moving as I felt good to move and listening to my body.

The class was good, my body felt good, and then I went from down dog pose to a child's pose and something leaked out of me onto my underwear and I couldn't stop it quick enough with my pelvic floor.

I was wearing a liner, so I wasn't super worried, but then more came. I grabbed my towel and placed it on my mat, you know, just in case!

And then more came out.

So I quietly left the room and went to the bathroom. Now thank goodness the toilet was only 30 meters away, because I almost didn't make it.

As I got closer to the bathroom, I couldn't hold it and I jumped into the cubicle pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet without even closing the door. And there was this gush of liquid and my undies and shorts were soaked.

I actually smiled.

What a way to begin labour to meet our little boy.

And what a story to tell.

So my thoughts at that moment were a mix of excitement and frustration. You see, my husband didn't take his phone to the gym with him. We thought him being in the same complex would have been enough.

So, I still had to sneak back into the yoga room to get my phone, car keys and yoga mat. Then I had to walk half the length of the complex to go to the gym to search for my husband.

Thank goodness he was at the very front of the weights area. I looked at him and said loudly, 'we need to go!' He looked at me, and said 'now?'

I said firmly, 'right now!'

I turned around and started my pregnant-waddle-with-wet-undies back towards the entrance of the complex. He raced after me confused and I said, a little firmer this time 'We need to go, RIGHT NOW.'

He raced back, got his stuff and caught up with me just as I was approaching the car.

I turned to him with the biggest smile and said 'my waters just broke, we're going to meet our son soon'.

We were both so excited and nervous. It was all about to happen.

All of this waiting, and now we're here.


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