How to Prevent 3rd Degree Tear Childbirth

How to Prevent 3rd Degree Tear Childbirth

How to prevent a third degree tear in childbirth is something a lot of pregnant women want to know. I'm not a midwife or a doctor, but I have had two vaginal births myself. And I used several techniques to help reduce having a third degree tear for my second birth.

I suffered through the consequences of a third degree tear for my first born. My recovery was so much better after my second baby.

I wish I had of known the consequences of pushing too hard at the very end of my labour with my firstborn. For full details on my birth stories:

My second baby:

My first baby:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

After my examination and a very in depth discussion with the doctor and midwife I stayed to this plan:

My Plan

1. Ensuring I had a highly qualified midwife

2. Ensuring she knew my situation and history 

3. Having a warm compress 

4. Pushing slowly and controlled through the entire process including crowning 

5. Be open to an episiotomy if required to help reduce another third degree tear

My PregActive Birth Prep program helped me to focus and prepare for this, including the pushing phase.

How to Prevent 3rd Degree Tear Childbirth

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