Claudia's Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Journey

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Claudia's Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Journey

Claudia's Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Journey

Being part of the journey with women through pregnancy into motherhood is something sacred, and I am blessed to help these women each and every day.

I recently had a lovely message from Claudia to say 'My baby boy arrived yesterday! {insert gorgeous newborn baby photos + proud mama} You are part of this journey, thank you so much!'

And right then, my heart melted.

Seeing these baby photos, this new life coming into the world. And right there is a proud mother, who has gone through an incredible journey to be where she is. And my program has helped her to stay strong, feel secure, empowered and informed.

Ah, it gives me all the feels.

And here is what Claudia had to say:

What Did Your Fitness Program Look Like Before Pregnancy? 

I can not say that I had a proper fitness program before pregnancy, but I was always moving my body and challenging myself in terms of exercise. Could be at the gym, go out for a walk or hiking.

Which PregActive Program Are You Doing Right Now And What Do You Think Of It?

I am doing the Pregnancy program and I love it. It is convenient, easy to use and to follow the routine. I confess that are a few days that I am not in the mood or too tired to exercise, but I always found something that will suit the moment. I can choose a good and relaxing Yoga Session, or a Prenatal Express - and done, I am ready to start my day.

What's Been Your Biggest Obstacle To Overcome To Get To Where You Are Now?

I like to exercise as the sun rises up, I am a morning person, and it is hard for me do it something after I missed the momentum. That is a personal challenge for me. And for sure, my day is better after I complete a session.

Also, before your program I thought that exercise at home it will be hard or awkward, but not at all. With your tips of how to use "homemade" weights and use your own body, for sure you make my routine happen.

How Has PregActive Helped You?

The program has been helping me a lot, not only physically but also mentally. Knowing that you are in good hands while you are caring for the most precious person inside you it is so *comforting * and that was what I was looking for when I got pregnant and wanted to keep active... someone who I can trust, then I found you. 

Looking Back, What Advice Would You Give Yourself? 

I never thought about tiredness at the beginning of pregnancy. So I would say something like that to myself "You are gonna be tired during the pregnancy, accept that and take it slow with yourself.

Do not put so much pressure on you and rest when necessary. Take your time, breathe and listen to your body... It will speak and sometimes scream at you. Be patient and do one step at time, you will get there"

What Advice Would You Give To Another Mama Who's Nervous To Start?

Give it a try and you won't regret it at all. You are going to see that you do not need hours and hours at a gym to get results, you just need to start and the results will show up. Keep going, day by day.

Do not overthink about how it will be at the end of the process, it is important to learn to enjoy the journey.

What Do You Like About The PregActive Online Studio?

I love the practicality and how easy it is to use and follow the Online PregActive Program steps - wherever I go Kerryn is with me.

It is amazing to have different classes according to our pregnancy week - Yoga, Core, Relaxation, Pelvic Floor exercises. Since I started my pregnancy program with Kerryn I can see how much I improved, and could not be happier.

Is There Anything Else You'd Like To Add?

Thank you so much for be there for all of us... You are part of our lovely pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Just days after Claudia had her son Oliver she wrote to me to say..

"Your program helped me to get through the most amazing experience of my life, give birth to my son. I felt my body and my mind were fully prepared for this beautiful journey thanks to you."

Congratulations Claudia on the arrival of little Oliver. He is adorable and you are an amazing Mother. He will love you forever, as you will him.