Anxious about Childbirth? Let Me Help YOU!

birth preparation Jun 07, 2023
Anxious about Childbirth

Childbirth Anxiety

Anxious about Childbirth? Allow these 10 tips to help you RELAX in the lead up to birth and also during your labor. It's good to know about the parasympathetic nervous system. But given we all live in a society where there are constant stimuli and many people are in a constant stressed state, tips on how to actually activate the relaxation response are important.

Childbirth Anxiety

We'll go through these as we practice in the upcoming modules but 10 quick ways to activate the relaxation response include:

1. Humming

2. Yawning

3. Singing

4. Hugs and cuddles

5. Meditations and visualisations

6. Yin Yoga

7. Breathwork

8. Massage and gentle touch

9. Gratitude

10. Restorative hobbies - this comes down to individual preference, but some level of creativity or playfulness to them including drawing, painting, etc. What's something that relaxes you?

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Anxious About Childbirth?

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