I Highly Recommend PregActive! Here's Why

member stories Oct 27, 2021

I Highly Recommend PregActive!

I cannot say enough good things about the PregActive workouts!

I just had my first ( almost 10pound!) baby five months ago, and I attribute my healthy pregnancy to these consistent workouts. They gave me more energy and a more positive outlook each day.

I personally loved the yoga and strength training videos. All of Kerryn's videos were easy to follow, and she has magnetic, comforting, kind, warm personality that really is felt through the videos. I felt supported and not alone.

Also, I loved how active she is on Instagram, and really has a passion for personally talking to and connecting with her audience.

I highly recommend PregActive. Of if you are on the fence, don't hesitate any longer!

Katie (PregActive mama)

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