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pregactive news Jan 07, 2022

I am so proud of all our PregActive mamas and also our team who have helped so many women from all around the world. We set out to provide women with safe and effective workouts that they can do at home. And during the past seven years we have grown to become a globally recognised leader in prenatal and postpartum fitness.

And in 2022 we are going to make PergActive even better with more workouts, classes and some exciting new features. We can't wait to show you!

What I get the most satisfaction from is hearing all the amazing stories form our mamas and how PregActive has helped them to enjoy a happier and healthier pregnancy - this is what drives us each and every day to make PregActive better!

PregActive has appeared in news outlets from across the globe including affiliates and news sites of FOX, CBS, The Daily Herald, USA Today, NBC and many more. We have been able to achieve such coverage due to our ongoing mission to help ALL women.

As you may know, I recently had my second baby in November last year so I have been busy with my postpartum recovery. I truly believe I was able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and birth experience due to my prenatal workouts. And I am here to help you if you are currently pregnant.

While our in-studio classes were impacted during the past two years; we have been able to provide all prenatal workouts, exercises and classes via our online program at

The following article appeared in FOX, NBC, CBS and other affiliated news sites:

Discover how to enjoy a fit and healthy pregnancy even as a busy mama.

Exhausted, tired, and nauseous – these are what most mothers feel during and after their pregnancies. And while staying healthy is their top priority, many of them are on the fence about working out while pregnant, mainly because they are busy and have no idea which exercises are safe to perform. The same goes to mothers who have just given birth. That is why proud mama and prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist Kerryn Boyle founded PregActive, which helps fellow mothers enjoy a more empowering pregnancy and regain their body confidence after childbirth through a guided, realistic, and achievable program.

PregActive is perfect for those who want to experience an empowered birth, be fit, strong, and healthy, reduce their risk of aches and pains, prevent pregnancy-related injuries, develop a strong core and pelvic floor, and heal quicker post-birth. Whether it’s to prepare for pregnancy, get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, regain body confidence after childbirth, or for convenient at-home workouts, PregActive will always have something to suit their needs.

Since 2015, their team of experts has been delivering safe and effective prenatal and postpartum classes, workouts, and exercises to thousands of PregActive mamas to increase their fitness levels for a stronger pregnancy and speedier postpartum recovery. Designed with busy mamas in mind, PregActive exercises and workouts focus on diaphragmatic breathing and connecting one’s core.

Currently, PregActive offers evidence-based workouts for every stage of motherhood – from planning pregnancy, pregnancy, to postpartum recovery. For those who want to get pregnant, the Planning for Pregnancy online program provides members with a guided fitness plan – along with fertility workouts and tips – to physically prepare the body for pregnancy and increase their chances of conceiving.

Meanwhile, their Prenatal Fitness Programs, which delivers a week-by-week pregnancy fitness plan that adapts to body changes each trimester, cater to expecting mamas who want to ensure their health and wellbeing, as well as their baby’s.

PregActive also has Postpartum Training Programs to help speed up the healing after childbirth. The My Core Rehab for Mamas program provides expert guidance to help reconnect, heal, and restrengthen postpartum body, while the Stronger Mama challenges combine Pilates, yoga, and vigorous workouts to help lose the baby weight and regain confidence.

For less than $5 a week, PregActive members get full access to the planning, prenatal, and postpartum library of over 200 workouts, educational videos, and classes on their website and free mobile app. This membership also gives unlimited access to all Pregnancy + Postpartum programs.


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