PregActive Podcast

PregActive Podcast

Hosted by: Kerryn Boyle

Pregnant or a New Mother? Feel informed, empowered and confident through your pregnancy and motherhood journey as we talk all things health, mind and fitness in the PregActive Podcast. You will find informative...


Postnatal Depression

Season #1 Episode #6

Postnatal Depression Podcast With one in four women suffering from Postnatal Depression or Anxiety, it's a topic that needs to be talked about more. Mindfulness and self-care is a big part of our community at...
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Inspiring VBAC

Season #1 Episode #5

Every woman should listen to inspiring VBAC Birth Stories like this. A vaginal birth after having a Caesarean birth (VBAC) is something many women strive for, and so helpful to hear positive successful VBAC stories...
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#4 Five Common Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes

Season #1

Five Common Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes Let’s talk over five of the most common exercise mistakes pregnant women make and how you can avoid them. All women deserve to have this knowledge, especially during their...
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Why Boot Camp Isn't For You

Season #1 Episode #3

Why Boot Camp Isn't For You when Pregnant Feel like you need a sweat session to help get you back into your pre-baby body? Here's what you need to know before you jump back into those star jumps. Founder of...
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Birth Breathing Techniques

Season #1 Episode #2

Freaking out about birth? Yep, fair enough! It's a common fear many pregnant women experience. You deserve to feel equipped, and that's exactly what this PregActive Podcast episode will help you with! As Kerryn Boyle,...
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Weight Training in Pregnancy

Season #1 Episode #1

Weight Training in Pregnancy Podcast Confused about how much weight you can lift in pregnancy? Not really sure what exercises are safe? You want to stay strong and toned, and ideally prepare for labour and post-birth...
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